Monday, 22 June 2015

5 Bloggers I've Been Loving Lately

Some of my favourite posts to read are fellow blogger recommendations. While I may not physically blog too often these days, that hasn't stopped my Bloglovin feed from constantly expanding. I love finding new blogs to read and will often spend hours pouring through the archives when I come across someone I find really inspiring. So, in the hopes of allowing you to do the same, I wanted to share a few blogs with you that I've been loving lately...

Linda Hallberg

Linda is actually a very recent find of mine, and I was immediately obsessed. She's Swedish, so naturally she's gorgeous (ugh), but she's so creative and so talented too, I spent almost the entire day stalking every single one of her social media platforms (that's totally what you guys too, right?). A good mix of everyday, glamorous, and creative looks, each and every one so different to anything I've seen before. It's so refreshing seeing someone do something a little out of the ordinary - personally, I love it. Also go check out her YouTube channel - I feel like I watched so many videos in one sitting that I may have accidentally taught myself Swedish (Just Joking: I can say 'Hello' though...).

Who What Wear

Another moderately new one for me, but one I know may already be familiar to you. I don't normally follow these types of blogs - as fantastic as their content is, it never really appealed to me, but this one is a little more up my alley. They deliver celebrity trends and how to achieve them essentially, but I feel like it's so much more than that. I find their articles fresh and interesting to read, relatable (until they tell me I can achieve a Carrie Bradshaw outfit...with $4000, no thanks), and fun. In the mix is also some more off-topic but equally interesting articles, like how to put a bra on. I had no idea I was doing it so wrong, I feel so enlightened!


My love for Kate's blog has never been a secret. Her blog was actually one of the first I ever followed, and it's still one of my favourites to this day. Kate's recent renovation adventures have had me in awe, her home is beautiful and full of individually picked and sourced items that make it feel so well presented, but some homey too. Her photos are always gorgeous, crisp and well lit and her entire blog is just an absolute dream to peruse. Not to mention, this girl can do a flat lay like you've never seen before. It's fine, Kate. Make me want to buy everything you own - no worries.

Beauty Life Michelle

One of my favourite YouTubers - and she's Australian! Well actually, she's Irish, but she resides in Sydney and on behalf of all of us Sydney-siders, I officially adopt her as one of our own. Her video tutorials are some of my favourites as they're always so easy to follow, and I love her personality. Again, like most YouTubers I follow, she does a lot of very easy, wearable, everyday looks but she also does some amazing, more 'night' looks which is not normally something I go for on Youtube. There's nothing over the top or anything you wouldn't feel comfortable trying yourself and I think that's what I love most. I also would kill for her eyes - I mean, is that dramatic? Maybe? And does she, or does she not look exactly like an Olsen Twin? Amazing.

The Guilty Girl

I saved the best till last, naturally. Now, if I could have it my way, I would actually put about fifty other bloggers on this post, because I think anyone who finds the time to blog inspiring, but I wanted to give a huge shoutout to my lovely gal Tamira, who somehow finds the time to regularly blog AND make videos in between working full time and having a social life. Her blog just gets better and better and it's so exciting to see a blog constantly evolve and grow into it's own. I love seeing little snippets into her life, what she's been loving lately, and especially love her Friday Shared posts, as I love posts that have little bits of everything that a blogger has been liking lately - I think it's a great insight into someones personality! Her ever growing YouTube channel is a must see - not only is she the loveliest person to grace your screens but she also is incredibly charismatic and funny, I look forward to her videos every week!
Warning: She WILL make you want to buy everything.

I think it's so important to share the love, the blogging community is such a strong one but I think every single person deserves a bit of recognition for their efforts once in a while. At the end of the day, the majority of us do this for fun, and we don't get paid, and a quick 'I appreciate you' never goes unmissed.
On that note, if you have been loving a blog recently, please share with me! I am always curious to check out new blogs!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

(Long) Breaks, America and A New Housemate.

So, hey. It's been a while - I didn't mean to leave. For five months.

Wrote up a three part '2014 Favourites' and then decided to disappear for a few months to recover. Blogging is HARD, alright? I like my couch, very much. Probably too much.

So these little catch up posts used to be called 'Life & Nonsense', but I've decided to retire that title, mostly because I could never remember what number I was up to. And to be honest, my entire life is nonsense, let's not try and pretend that I was a part-time nonsense do-er. All day, erryyday.

So, where have I been since January? Mostly just working, and doing not much at all. I have SO much respect for anyone that blogs regularly AND works full time - I honestly don't know how you do it! I buy so much makeup (ughh, side effect of working in the beauty industry) and I always want to share my experiences with them, but I just never get around to it. It makes me so sad, some days!

So, my most exciting news is that about a month ago I went and visited a very good friend of mine in America and I just had the best time. I very much needed some time off work (no real holiday since March 2014, yikes) but I didn't want to spend a ton of money and have a busy holiday, so I thought what better time to go and visit her and just have a really nice, laid back holiday of doing nothing at all! I think the real highlight of the trip was the small road trip we took to see our other good friend, about five hours away. I didn't think it was possible, but we actually sang our little hearts out non-stop. Mind you, this was after a noisy night out at the karaoke bar, and about four hours sleep. Voices, we had not. I laughed so hard it hurt, and it felt so good. Cherish those moments!

By the time I came back, my dad was about to commence on a six month road trip of Australia with his partner, and I got a last minute request to dog sit as the previous sitter had something come up and could no longer do it. So I am now the temporary owner of a Maltese Terrier with some serious anxiety issues, and I feel a little up and down about the whole thing. I love dogs, but never been a big fan of small, whiny dogs and this is certainly one indeed. Do I enjoy being woken up at 6am by whining under my floorboards (yes, I am serious)? No. Am I enjoying taking it on walks as the sun is setting? Yes. It's all about the positives, right?
The one downside I cannot move on from? My poor cat hates me. I'm lucky if I see her these days :(

I changed my phone wallpaper last week, and I'm in love. I discovered these amazing illustrations by Aitch, and after about an hour of tossing up, I finally decided on the palm print. My phone looks lush, and makes me want to go on a tropical holiday. If none of those take your fancy, check out these by artist Elena Boils.

I never thought I'd hear 'K-Mart' and 'Dreamy' in the same sentence, but that is the only way I can describe their new Instagram account. K-Mart have really stepped up their homewares in the past year, and their Instagram really showcases what beautiful styling you can do on a budget. I have been obsessed with homewares in the past few weeks, and I can't seem to get enough!

Right, I'm going to go slap some of Perricone's Chloro Plasma on my face and hope for the best. The cool weather lately has taken it's toll on my face, and combined with my lazyness the past few months, it has not ended well.
I'm off to Canberra tomorrow to visit the James Turrell exhibit with a friend, and pretend like I know anything about art (the Fine Arts degree on my wall means nothing). Wish me luck.

I'll be back, very soon! :)

P.S Thought I was over Game Of Thrones, but that last episode, eh?

Saturday, 30 May 2015

May Favourites

I'm not going to launch into a massive big post about my whereabouts for the past, oh...five months (yikes)? Nope, that's for another post. Instead, I'm bringing you a baby post on some products I've been loving lately - some new, some old.

One of my favourite beauty launches in Australia this month was the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation. Now, this was quite a late release (I remember reading reviews on this last year, oh dear) but better late than never! I was already a big fan of the YSl Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation, so I wasn't surprised when I completely fell in love with Fusion Ink. It seems to blend out seamlessly, with almost no effort at all, and gives you a beautiful, velvet like finish. I'd say it sits around a medium coverage, but I've found it fairly build-able. The finish definitely leans towards a matte, but it still retains this sort of 'glow' about it. I love applying it, I love how lightweight it feels, and I love the finish it gives me. Thumbs up, YSL!

Continuing with complexion, I have been ALL about that glow lately, and I think coming into the winter months, I'm desperately trying to cling onto that summer glow to give some life to my somewhat dull skin. The Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer is something I have definitely talked about on here before, but it dawned on me the other day that I could also mix it in with my foundation to make my complexion even glow-ier. How it has taken me so long to discover this, I do not know. The results are to die for though, and I'm struggling to find a foundation this DOESN'T work with. For such an affordable product, I'm still completely shocked at just how versatile it really is.
 I've been pulling out this gorgeous highlighter lately as an alternative to my usual theBalm Mary Lou highlighter, and it's totally love. It's the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Perfect Topping, which unfortunately was a limited edition product available at the beginning of the year. I snapped it up if only because of how it looks - can you blame me? It's almost too good to use...almost.

For the cheeks, I've been loving all over again the MAC Mineralise Blush in Warm Soul. It's such a beautiful, neutral colour that finishes off the cheeks perfectly when you just need a subtle warmth to the cheeks, with added glow. All about that glow, remember? Paired with a nice bronzer, it always completes those neutral but warm looks that I'm always trying to achieve.

The amount of palettes in my makeup drawer right now is almost embarrassing. Hello, my name is Brodie, and I have a palette problem. But when this Stila Nouveau Natural Eyeshadow Palette hit the shelves, I instantly knew it had to be mine. I mean, look at it. Warm, neutral shades with the perfect mix of shimmer and matte. I barely blinked and I was already handing over my credit card. I am continuously impressed with Stila's eyeshadow offerings - to the point where I now own three of their eyeshadow palettes plus the individuals. The fact that this one also included their famous 'Kitten' shade made me very happy - you'll see more about this particular shadow in a later post...
My mascara choice for the month kind of surprised me. I wasn't sold on the Too Faced Better Than Sex when I first bought it. Sure, it gave volume and length, but I didn't see what all the fuss was about (and why it sold out at work over and over again). Somehow, the change sort of happened overnight. Okay, I still think my Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume is the holy grail, but this is so damn close that some days I'm not even sure what to reach for. Also, the name makes me laugh, so there's that.

Lastly is actually an old favourite - it's the Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in No. 3. I bought this months ago and it's been my go to nude lip ever since. The formula is a little on the matte side, which I don't normally love as I tend to get dry lips quite often, but it seems to have enough slip in the formula to still allow for a smooth and long lasting application. I love their nude collection, I find they're really flattering and great paired with a bold eye. I also like to apply a little lip gloss on top to either make a subtle colour change or tone the 'nude' down a little. It also helps on those days where your lips feel that little bit on the drier side!

I forgot how much I could write - sorry for the explosive paragraphs. I've never been one to keep it short...!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Life & Nonsense Etc. #6

It feels like it's been a while since I've done one of these - in fact, the last post was in October, yikes. Time really does fly, doesn't it?

I've definitely been out of the blogging loop lately, which kinda gets me down sometimes, but I constantly think about ideas and videos I want to film, so whenever I get the chance, I will definitely try harder at working on getting these ideas on this little space!


I honestly feel like my life lately has just been work, work, work. When the weekend comes, I always feel like I have a million things to do, and sometimes feel like I'm not properly resting. This weekend was fantastic - it was hot, and I bought an adult sized blow up swimming pool, which I'm quite sure was the best idea I've ever had! Laying in the sun, submerged in water, and drinking margaritas - what could be better?

While everything has been a little mellow and streamlined lately, I did have something rather unfortunate happen to me last week. My house got robbed, while I was inside, and it's left me a little unsettled (read: seriously, locks-the-doors-twice-and-slept-with-a-knife-the-first-night paranoid). Basically, I was in my living room when I heard a noise in my bedroom and when I got up to check, I saw someone emerge out of my bedroom and run down the hall. I yelled and chased him out and was overcome with a rather scary panic attack, after which I had to deal with the fact that my wallet and cash was stolen from my bedroom, and he had used a credit card that was in my wallet (among other things, gah). Police were called, statements were taken, but at the end of the day, we all know he won't get caught. Lessons learnt: lock your doors kids. There are desperate people in the world.

On the upside, I am planning two sneaky overseas trips this year, and I'm beyond excited. More to come on that LATER.


The trouble with not blogging for several months is you forget what's happened. I do know that since getting Foxtel, my life has been a blur of trashy reality shows and weather documentaries, so I can't really I've seen too many fantastic movies or tv shows recently (insert crying laughter emoji - truth).

I did watch St Vincent recently though - amazing movie. I'm a massive Bill Murray fan, so naturally I jumped to watch this ASAP, and it did not disappoint. It was a lot funnier than I was expecting it to be, but at the same time extremely moving and clever. Bill Murray's character cracked me up, that man is a genius.
I've also downloaded The Rover, as I have a soft spot for Australian movies or anything filmed in Australia - I also have a soft spot for Guy Pearse and Robert Pattinson both, how could I resist? I've not had time to watch it but it looks visually stunning, and I love dystopian type movies so I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Has anyone watched it? It's next weeks plan.

Since having full access to Foxtel for my first month, I took advantage of the Boxset channel, where they had the entire series of Love My Way. I love this show, and I've already watched all three seasons a few times, but I really wanted to watch it again. If you're unfamiliar, it's an Australian drama starring Asher Keddie, Claudia Karvan, and Brendan Cowell to name a few names, and it's just...amazing. It sucks you in, and the end of Season 1 will have you absolutely bawling your eyes out. I always forget how sad it is. It is one of the few shows I highly recommend - it's truly a gem.

I really feel like I have so much more to tell you, but I'm currently drawing a blank! Feel like I have a lot of #firstworldproblems lately - my current dilemma is 'Do I cut my hair?'. Every long haired girls problem, right? I blame LLYMLRS, as I am currently in LOVE with her hair. Tough decision to make, as I mostly love having long hair! I know, the struggle is real.

Any recommendations for new shows, or movies? Books? Blogs? I'm open to all - I'm in a rut lately. Boo hoo.