Saturday, 16 August 2014

Mini Melbourne Haul

It's been a while since I've blogged, it feels like! I honestly have no excuse - it's too cold to type? My house is an igloo, it's not far from the truth.

I mentioned in my last post that I went to Melbourne recently, and besides H&M the shopping is no different to here in Sydney, but I still ended up picking up a few things just because.
I picked up a few pieces from H&M as per usual, which I'll pop in below, but obvioussssly I am weirdly more excited about the top few pieces I bought, because as much as I try to be creative with my style choices - I always end up in t-shirts and jeans every time.

So, my friend had a gift voucher to spend in Sportsgirl, so we spent a bit of time wondering around one of the bigger stores in the city and I decided to finally replace my tatty makeup bag with this cute little pencil case style bag. I love the prints on it, and I kind of love that it has three separate compartments. I am one of 'those' people who carry half their life in their bag, and that includes bandaids, strapping tape (a MUCH better solution to bandaids when breaking in shoes, let me tell you), hand sanitiser, tissues, pain killers etc. The list goes on. Oh, and of course some makeup. Duh.
I also picked up that cute little keychain to add to my keys, because everyone needs a little jingle in their life.

As my hair gets blonder and blonder, it also has grown drier and drier and that basically equals tangles, all. the. time. I was never really into brushing my hair - I know, that sounds weird, but hear me out. My hair naturally looks rubbish when brushed out, so I used to always leave it messy and untouched, and thats how I liked it. Now that my hair is longer, heavier, and predominantly worn straight, brushing it out looks much nicer, and I've come to really despise tangles in my hair. After purchasing my first Tangle Teezer months ago (last time I was in Melbourne actually, I'm a creature of habit), I now understand the hype, and thought I'd invest in one of the compact varieties. Naturally, I paid $5 more for a smaller brush. Makes sense? But it's gold. How could I not? This now lives in my handbag, and I have reached for this a surprising amount of times. All hail the Tangle Teezer...

Okay - now for the super exciting bits. The shopping centre we stopped at to waste some time happened to have a Mecca Maxima - my playground. I have been on the hunt for a felt tip style liquid liner for some time now, and was tossing up between the Stila offering or the Eyeko Eye Do one. They were sold out of the Black Stila one I was looking for, so I ended up grabbing the Eyeko liner, and I am SO impressed. It costs less than the Loreal Superliner Blackbuster I was using previously, and is about 1000 times better. Waterproof (it does NOT budge during the day AND night, but also comes off well with makeup remover, win win), intense black, super easy to use. And if it's good enough for Alexa Chung, it's good enough for me.
I also mentioned to the girl who worked there that I got the e-mail about my Beauty Loop box, but unfortunately they were sold out there. However, for some reason, she handed me a travel size Nars blush in 'Deep Throat' instead - what a nice surprise! I ended up giving it to my friend as she was not yet the owner of an amazing Nars blush, but I thought that was so sweet of them!

Lastly, I stopped in at the MAC stand in Myer as I get to spend my reward points there. I always forget all the amazing MAC lipsticks I want, but I did remember seeing 'Pure Zen' on someone and thinking it looked like a really nice, nude colour so I grabbed that (and didn't pay a cent, yes!). I love the Cremesheen formula so much, I can't wait to invest in more colours in the future (MAC Patisserie, I will find you one day).

I never thought shopping at H&M could be so exciting, but I honestly think the range they've brought out to Australia is amazing. I've been twice in a few months now and I've always found a few things to bring home. They also have amazing office clothing there, I've purchased quite a few (boring) work shirts there for not much at all.

This trip, I ended up bringing home two near crop tops, which is a bit surprising. I am not a crop top kind of girl - I ain't got the bod for that, but these two kind of sit just on the hips. Truthfully, the top on the top right is not technically a crop top - it's just really short and it kind of bothers me, but it was so cute and different on I couldn't resist. I feel like a bit of a hippie in it. The stripey top is definitely cropped though, and I think I mostly bought it because I like the boatneck and low back style of it, plus - stripes!

I also am in love with the flannel I bought - it's an oversized fit and I adore the colour. I own so many shirts, it's ridiculous. My winter style in a nutshell. 
I couldn't walk away without a bra too - they have a decent lingerie section and so many beautiful prints but I'm a stickler for black bras (and black underwear, let's be honest. Okay - black everything). They're extremely affordable, and so far I have no complaints about the quality except that maybe the sizing is a little on the small side!

This was a mighty long post for only a few items but I personally love haul type posts or videos, so I hope you guys have enjoyed this too! Have you bought anything exciting recently? And does anybody else go to other cities and find themselves shopping or doing things they could just do at home? My friend and I kept saying 'we could just do this at home - but we don't, why?'.

Something about holidays and spending money go together, I guess!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Life & Nonsense Etc. #4

Yes, August! I am so ready for you! I have had a rather exciting month, there's been a lot of good things (and a few bad things, but I can't dwell on the past anymore) and it's left me feeling pretty upbeat for once and ready to face the last month of Winter!


I think the most important and exciting thing that has happened this month is that I've been offered a job in one of my dream workplaces, and it has made me over the moon. I have never wanted a job so badly in my life, and I cannot tell you how much anxiety I suffered from in the lead up to it, but it was all worth it in the end I cannot wait to start! I had some very important goals to achieve at the beginning of this year, and this is one of the first I can tick off, and that feels phenomenal. 

I also did a mini road trip to Melbourne with my best friend, and it was the best five days I've had in a long time! We took the scenic route, and spent two days total driving and saw some amazing things. The highlights were seat warmers in the car (that sensation is unexplainably amazing), waiting for around thirty kangaroos to cross the road in the middle of suburbia (what up, Australia), seeing a double rainbow, watching the Little Penguins come in from the ocean on Phillip Island and waddle to their little homes and getting to catch up with my Dad and two very good friends of mine and eating and drinking all the amazing food and coffee Melbourne has to offer! Lord Of The Fries, you need to have more locations in Sydney. We also visited the Melbourne Aquarium and I was pleasantly surprised to meet some King Penguins, and on our last day we went and watched Penguins 3D which was narrated by David Attenborough. I was well and truly in penguin bliss by the end of this trip!
Of course, no visit to Melbourne is complete without a shopping trip, H&M in particular, but I'll be saving that for another post!


I have been really enjoying coming across some random photographers lately, it really makes me miss my uni days where I would spend hours scouring the internet coming across some amazing artists that inspired me for my own work. Flickr randomly introduced me to photographer David Uzochukwu who is responsible for this stunning portrait - it does not get more beautiful than this. I'm also dying to get my hands on a few prints from this Pampa Horses Series, I think they're absolutely beautiful and the whole project is so interesting. I do love my ponies!

As far as TV shows are concerned, I have spent this entire month watching the first season of Hannibal. What a fantastic show, I love everything about it including the cinematography, the casting, the storyline, the creepiness of it all. It only took me so long to watch the short 13 episode season because it just full on. I mean, this show is pretty nightmarish in some parts, it is not for the sensitive. If you enjoy a good thriller/mystery esque show though, this may be right up your alley. So brilliantly well shot, I can't wait to start Season 2.

I haven't watched any new movies this month, I've been putting old movies on in the background whilst doing other things because I hate watching new movies and missing half of the plot line! I have always loved my older movies though, I honestly think the 90's produced some classics. I had a Jurassic Park marathon recently, which was great, and I can't wait for the new movie being released next year! I also had a bit of an accidental Brendan Fraser marathon - it started with Blast From The Past last month, and then just last week ended up watching Bedazzled, The Mummy, and The Mummy Returns. Those were so good back in the day! I also watched Heart and Souls, with a youuuung Robert Downey Jr. I hadn't seen this movie in years, I'd forgotten how cute it was! And just now, as I write this, I am totally watching The Parent Trap because, why not?

Last but not least, one of my favourite shows has come back, and it's the seventh season of Face Off! Does anybody else watch this show? I think its so entertaining. A group of special effects makeup artists compete every week, and have a set theme and 2-3 days to complete a makeup that is judged by a panel of award winning judges. Some of the work they create in such a short space of time is absolutely amazing, what a dream job!

That's it from me. I have a chocolate cake to ice, and a few more posts up my sleeve to start writing!

Hope you guys have been excellent xx

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Winter Saviours

Winter has rolled around once again (does anyone else always forget how cold winter actually gets? It's like I've never experienced a winter before...), and I'm finding this year to be particularly harder on my skin. Sydney is definitely colder this year than the past few years, and I'm finding myself changing up both my makeup routine and my skincare routine in order to adapt to these colder months.

I've never considered myself a dry skin gal, but I am finding my skin completely lacking in moisture lately, especially post cleansing. That tight feeling is not a feeling I am used to, and I cannot get my hands on my Origins 'Night-A-Mins' Moisturiser quick enough. Rich and moisturising, this leaves me skin feeling nourished and supple, and smelling deliciously of oranges.
I've also been reaching for the old Hydraluron lately, smattering this on my particularly drier areas before moisturising. It makes a noticeable difference the next day, and over consistent use. I really find this helps lock in the moisture for longer.
My lips too have been suffering from probably a mixture of the cold, dry air, and the constant air conditioning I'm in at work. I've never suffered so badly from dry lips before, so I finally caved and purchased the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm from Feel Unique. This has absolutely lived up to it's hype, I've never used a lip balm so quenching before! The texture is also bliss, I'm not sure how to describe it but it definitely makes my lips feel like velvet after application (read: not slippery, not sticky, but not drying either).
The absolute gem that is the Lush Lip Scrub is a saviour when it comes to flakey lips (ew, I know) and nights out. Lipstick and dry lips is a definite no-no, but a quick scrub of this delicious (mine is in the Mint Julips flavour - chocolatey mint!) sugar scrub leaves your lips free of dead skin, and feeling moisturised and ready to go (hint: don't wipe this off, lick it off, trust me).

Australia is not known for it's dramatic winters (at all), but I definitely find my makeup routine changes. Whilst in summer I want the lightest, longest wearing and dewy makeup, in winter I feel like I get to play around with my makeup more, and bring out a few more products to add to my routine. My two favourite foundations these past few months have been on the heavier coverage end - my HG Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation and the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. Both foundations I would normally only turn to for nights out in summer, I get to use these babies whenever I feel like now, which is great as they are both absolutely stunning on the skin, and both are very suitable for any dry skin types. For every day wear, I only need a small amount buffed really well into the skin, and to continue the look into the night, I can easily top them up with a little extra coverage.

Speaking of coverage, there are two concealers I primarily use in the winter months - the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I still tend to suffer from the occasional chin spot in winter, so I still need a heavy duty concealer to help me out without drying my skin too much. The NARS concealer is perfect for this, and I've been using the Rimmel offering instead to highlight under my eyes, as I find it has the perfect amount of illuminating qualities and ability to block out dark circles.

For the cheeks, there is the ever present MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in 'Soft and Gentle', still my go-to highlighter and a must need in winter months when my skin definitely appears to be quite dull and lifeless. It adds a bit of life to the cheeks, and when paired with the beautiful Stila Convertible Colour Blush in 'Petunia' creates a really soft warmth to the face. I've been forcing myself to learn how to apply this cream blush after buying it over a year ago, and finally discovered that using my Real Techniques Face Brush to apply it with is a dream. Take note all cream blush newbies.

Whilst I keep my cheeks quite subtle, I definitely am a bit more adventurous with my eyes. I've been loving my By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow Stick in 'Brown Perfection' lately, as it's so easy to apply and doesn't budge the entire day! So easy to create a quick and simple brown smokey eye which is one of my absolute favourite looks this winter. Similarly, I've gone back to re-loving my MAC Paint Pot in 'Constructivist' which is a fairly similar dark brown shade, although slightly darker and slightly easier to work with. This works great as a base, but I usually just wear it on it's own, as it has great staying power and can easily be worn quite sheer, or compacted on for a really intense brown pigment.
I've also been quite into my liquid eyeliner recently, in an attempt to practise my application of winged eyeliner! I've been loving the Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner, it's ridiculously cheap and has incredible staying power considering. Application is super easy, I almost never make a mistake with this one!

As per usual, I finish my look off with a nude lipstick, always. I've pulled out an old favourite recently, the Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in '03', which is a really versatile browney nude, neither matte nor shine. This range of lipsticks is truly amazing for drugstore lipsticks, I've always been quite impressed with their formula!

Lastly, I always reach for my absolute favourite perfume at the moment, the Escentric Molecules 01, but in the winter moments I have definitely been using a few extra pumps because I am still just loving it, and the scent is just perfect for colder weather. To me, it's so moody and dark, and woody too, and it just makes me think of fresh, cold air, and fireplaces and candles and everything amazing about winter!

Phew, that was quite long! Are there any products that you find yourself reaching for more in winter?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Wishlist-ing in July

Another month, another completely new list of items that I don't really need, but really, really want. Isn't it just a never ending cycle? Just when I think I'm alright, and maybe I could start saving a few dollars, something else creeps up on my Bloglovin feed and my brain clouds over and bad decisions are made.

So far, no credit cards have been handed over, but trust me - the temptation is there. The past month, I've been lusting over a few new releases from Illamasqua, two pairs of boots from Australian designer Senso (one of which I'm not sure how to wear), a candle that has been on my wishlist since the beginning of time, and a few beauty bits and bobs I've been needing to indulge in (some are repeat purchases).

Starting from the top are two items that I need to repurchase - the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil and ever popular Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. I owned the highly coveted Hourglass pencil for a mere month before it fell to it's death from the couch and shattered the pencil inside - I've been attempting to use what remains of the stub but it's a little frustrating to use and kind of defeats the purpose of the pencil (which was previously the easiest, and quickest, pencil I've ever used!). As my Anastasia eyebrow pencil has come to the end of it's life (it was well loved), I am looking into purchasing a new eyebrow pencil and as much as it pains me to have to pay for this pricey little product again, so soon, I truly think it's worth it. Speaking of pricey products, it's about time I purchased the full sized can of the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray, as I got a rude surprise yesterday after discovering my little travel size can had nothing left to give me. I know there are plenty of great texturising sprays out there, but there is just something about this one, am I right? The price hurts, and not knowing exactly how I can actually get it here, in my hands, in Australia hurts more (no website will ship aerosols, eye roll). I don't know how long I can part from this.

Illamasqua have brought out some amazing new products lately, and I'm dying to get my hands on some. In particular, a couple of matte lip colours from their Summer 2014 Collection in 'Surrender' and 'Exotic' have caught my eye, along with their new nude lipstick collection, the colour 'Rosepout' in particular has me excited. You know how I feel about nude lipsticks - they're my achilles. I have yet to try anything from Illamasqua so I'm dying to get my hands on these beauties!

It took me a while to come around to the idea, but I'm suddenly very keen to try out the Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder. I don't tend to reach for bronzers or contouring products very often, but I feel like that may just be down to technique. Whilst my NARS Laguna Bronzer is great for bronzing purposes, I'm not feeling it as a great contouring option for me, and I've heard many good things about the Kevin Aucoin offering. Thoughts?

Here's where things get really dangerous - I recently discovered Australian shoe designers Senso and I'm terrified I may hand my credit card over to them without even batting an eyelash. LOOK AT THOSE BOOTS! Yes, that IS a rose gold zipper lining a boot. Yes, that is croc skin paired with some cool looking buckles. These babies are nearing $300 a pair but oh sweet Lord, the pull is enormous. My only concern is how to wear the bottom pair - no socks? The idea of sticking my foot into a boot with no socks kind of irks me, is that just me being weird? What would you do? So. Pretty.

Last, but definitely not least, is a long time love of mine - a candle from Byredo in the scent 'Tree House'. The first time I ever stepped foot in a Mecca Cosmetica, this was the first thing I picked up, and it absolutely blew my mind. Up until then, I had never considered myself a candle person, as I'm not really into sweet or floral smelling candles which make up the majority of the candle market. This baby's the perfect woody, dark, and sexy scent. I'm a sucker for anything cederwood-esque and this scent is just so fresh and appealing to me. Not to mention they come in those sexy little jars, with that perfect, minimalistic label displayed on the front. It's love, and I'm not sure how much longer the $98 price tag will hold me back.

I've had a pretty expensive month as it is (getting my hair re-done every ten weeks is a killer), and a short trip away next week (sure to cost me another few pennies) but I absolutely foresee at least one of these pretties landing in my checkout cart any day now. For the love of God though, someone hold me back from the Senso website - can't. help. myself.

I know we've all got 'theoretical' checkout carts bookmarked in our web browsers - tell me, what are you guys drooling over this month?