I never thought I'd see the day I owned a brown lipstick. Brown-y nude, brown-y pink - yes. Not brown brown. Twenty year old me would have had a heart attack at the site of it in my collection.

MAC's Stone's pretty cool, don't you think? It's not as dark or warm toned in my photos - it photographed dark despite the bright lighting. It's definitely a very grey toned, taupe colour and it's safe to say I love it.

I originally saw it on Linda Hallberg's blog - she absolutely rocked it and I decided I needed it in my life - ASAP. It was limited edition however, and everywhere around me had sold out. I was gutted - at the time, there were no dupes. Nothing. I weeped.
Online re-stocked though and I snapped it up and could not wait to try it on at home. It was love at first site, to be honest!

Is it the most wearable colour? No. It's pretty bold, actually, but for a night out where I feel like doing something a bit outside the square, it's perfect. The fact that it's quite neutral in tone means I also have a lot of freedom to do anything on my eyes, which I love. It's bold, but it's actually quite elegant, and once people get over the shock of an unusual lipstick shade, they tend to warm up to it quick. 

It was so popular it was made a part of the permanent collection which was great news - along with a matching lip liner! It was only recently I purchased the lip liner, on a bit of a whim, but I actually really like it!

I like wearing lip liners on their own sometimes, as it gives you that longer lasting colour that you sometimes need, but it also helps when you wear dark colours to have that little bit of cement underneath to hold it all together. So I was quite glad I got it - but I've also since realised that it's actually a great lip liner for...other colours.

Weird, I know, but if used lightly, this is actually a great colour to emphasis or define the outer edges of your lips, particularly if you are going for a more pink/peach nude. It's not reminiscent of the 90's over lined lip trend - don't worry. It's subtle, and actually really useful!

What do you think? Weird? Wonderful? I think these days the grey/brown toned lip colours are super on trend and I for one am surprisingly onboard. I love a good nude (ha) but every so just want something a little different, right?

Let me know your thoughts!

If I haven't mentioned on here before, it was my goal (last year) to read more. I read a lot as a kid, and I always loved it, and I guess as an adult - in the digital world - that hobby slipped away to make room for others and for a long time, I barely read anything. I picked up a book after many years, and couldn't for the life of me understand why I didn't do it for so long. I love reading!

Nerd moment aside, I've been trying to get through the enormous amount of books I ordered last year and when I recently went and visited my mum, I thought it was a great time to catch up on a few. Naturally, I left them all at home (typical) and so I went to the bookshop to see if I could find something new to read and ended up getting The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins, after hearing a lot of good reviews about it. I ended up chatting to the lady who worked there about the book, which then turned into her recommending me the book Sister by Rosamund Lupton. I bought it on a whim, and read them both within a week!

The Girl On The Train was a good read for those who enjoy the crime/thriller/mystery genre. It is definitely reminiscent of Gone Girl  - actually, it reminded me a lot of Gone Girl in the sense that you dislike every character. For me, that doesn't put me off a book, but for others it was off putting. It kept me in suspense right from the beginning, and I honestly didn't see the end coming until it was, you know, there. 
The synopsis is typical - a woman goes missing, and police are unsure where to look for answers. The main character has only ever seen the woman out the window of a train that goes past on her way to work, but feels a pull to find out what happened. The problem? She's an alcoholic, so not the most reliable source. The story unwinds slowly, but the clues it drops throughout are huge and keep you turning page after page. I think it definitely deserves the hype!

Sister was a book I'd never heard of, but I love recommendations so I gave it a try and it was well worth it. The story is interesting in that it's penned in letter form - from one sister to another. Upon hearing this, I wasn't sure I'd be into that style of writing but it was actually very different to how I imagined and very readable. When she finds out her sister has died, Beatrice flies back home only to discover the death has been ruled a suicide, which she knows could absolutely not be true. Despite any evidence that says otherwise, and with everyone else given up around her, Beatrice is determined to find out who murdered her sister. I did not see the end coming, and my only annoyance with the writing is that she spent a lot of time focusing on the other suspects and for some reason, I felt that took up a lot more of the book than it should have. In saying that, the book was a little slow, but towards the end I was once again gripped and it was like the pages were flying by. A good read, overall.

Has anyone read any good books recently? I'm always up for recommendations!

Whoa, how is it July already? I swear it was Jan/Feb not that long ago! I think the extended summer we had this year really threw me off - it was warm, warm, warm and then COLD and I'm not really sure we even had Autumn! I feel like this year has flown by and already I'm thinking about Christmas (retail life, lol). Slow down, 2016!

June has consisted of doctor visits (I've had a sore wrist for two months, it's suddenly turned into something so much more whaaat), lack of sleep and trying new recipes. I can also say I have had a heaaaalthy dose of YouTube binge watching - you know when a documentary shows up in your recommended section, and suddenly, ten hours later, in your dark house, you realise your entire day has just gone? Oops. Thanks, Real Stories. The documentaries on the poverty in the UK really had glued to my seat - and close to tears, several times. I had no idea about how bad it actually was, it's very sad and very surprising coming from the seventh richest country in the world. We're not all perfect.

WATCH: Besides the YouTube binge I had one weekend, I've honestly been bouncing back and forth between watching my favourite thriller movies, and watching my favourite chick flicks. It's been odd. However, my other main bae this month has been Masterchef, which I can honestly say I've never watched an entire season of. I've definitely caught a few episodes towards the finale before but never watched it entirely and this season is so good. I think contestants are so talented now that it's like watching a bunch of chefs trying to win the best spot, and it's making me so hungry every night. Last week was Heston Week (Heston Blumenthal) and his masterclass at the end was how to cook his Roast Chicken (and potatoes) and so tonight's Sunday Roast is extra special. As in, I brined my own chicken and made my chicken stock from scratch. Fancy.

The other exciting TV news is that Offspring is finally back! I think we all thought Season 5 was going to be the last season (killing off Patrick genuinely just about ended the show) but they've surprised us with a sixth season, thank the good Lord. We had the first episode air last week, and man have I missed that show. I've never gotten that invested in an Aussie drama before (Love My Way is the only exception) but Offspring is amazing. Although, I still mourn for Patrick - who doesn't?

I think Black Books may be my next binge watch on Netflix. It was just added, and it's one of those shows I've watched in entirety maybe about two times and it's still so funny. It's truly my favourite kind of humour - self-depreciating, British and not at all politically correct. I can't wait - thanks, Netflix.

LISTEN: I've been having a bit of a music slump lately however June has brought some great new albums - two of note are Flume's new album 'Skin' and James Blake's 'The Colour In Anything'. I really like Flume's new stuff - it's certainly different from his last album, so I can understand why some people have not warmed to it, but I really love the sound! He's matured a lot and you can hear it, and while I think his first album had more bangers, I really like this more constructed sound. I also have a massive crush on him soooo...

As for James Blake - this man is incredible. I looooved his last album, I listened to it on repeat, and this album will be no different. I just love how he layers sounds and genres - it's smooth, dark and his voice is by far one of the best. Radio Silence is my jam - I try and belt it out in the car most mornings but I think I should really just leave it to him, eh?

I am also digging Glass Animal's 'Life Itself' - anyone else? It's SO catchy. I love them, their last album was so, so good. I can't wait to hear more!

LOOK: So Vivid Lights came around again, and of course I went to check it out (it's about the only cool thing Sydney offers, ugh) and although it was very good - as usual - I definitely think it's going to be hard to beat last years. If you didn't know, Vivid is Sydney's yearly light festival, where the city collaborates with artists to create stunning, visual light shows around the CBD, such as projections on the Opera House and Customs House as well as some amazing installations scattered about elsewhere. It's a great event - you rug up for the cold weather, grab some food from one of the many food trucks, and you try as hard as possible to understand the concepts behind the artworks (it's impossible - I even went to art school and I still don't get them). It's still an amazing event though, and I'm still blown away by the effort that goes into the installations!


  • Tenneil tagged me in the AM & PM Tag which she just did here and I think it's a really great tag for nosy people such as myself, so you should hopefully expect that post in the next week or two!
  • I'm seriously tempted to buy Tanya Burr's 'Tanya Bakes' cookbook despite the fact I don't generally like baking, nor do I like baked goods! Disregarding my thoughts on the whole 'bloggers releasing books' debate, I genuinely think the book looks so pretty, and I have a real thing for food photography and I think the book looks beautiful, so I'm really interested to have a read! Sometimes we all just need a pretty cookbook on the shelf, don't we?
  • I'm thinking of chopping my fringe back in, a little bit like this or this. I just don't think I suit the 'all one length' look, I feel like I need a little shape around my face so I think I'm going to ask my hairdresser to cut mine back in when I next visit. I'm also thinking of ditching the over-toned look and going for some warmed blonde tones. Wish me luck!

Everyone has their favourites, that go to colour that you always reach for. Mine have always been nudes - I'm always searching for that 'perfect' colour, always trying something new. Here are some of my all time favourites!

MAC 'Shy Girl'

This is one of my all time favourites, it's such a great go-to as it's so easy to thrown on, you don't even need a mirror to apply! It's more of a peachy nude, and the formula is Cremesheen so it sits comfortably on the lips, not too drying but not too glossy either. I feel like peachy nudes fit my complexion better than pinks, and this is perfect without being too peach if you know what I mean!

MAC 'Pure Zen'

Okay, this is probably my favourite. It's a little pinkier than Shy Girl, actually, but perfect. I'm definitely all about that bronzed, summery life (and by life, I mean makeup - lol) and this is always the colour I reach for. Thank you, MAC. This is me. 

Hourglass Nude Stylo 'No 3'

If you're after a nude matte lipstick, I would highly recommend the Nude Stylo's from Hourglass. In my opinion, they're the only matte lipsticks I've tried that aren't totally drying on my lips. I also love their colour range - very peachy pinks, but they're not too pale, so there's a colour for almost anyone. I also love the packaging they come in, I just wish they always stayed pointed like that!

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope 'Star System'

The luxe packaging of this product is just a reflection of what's inside. A really creamy, but almost matte lipstick formula that sits comfortably on the lips, but is packed with pigment. I really nice, wearable nude, but I mostly just feel fancy pulling it out of my hand bag.

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick 'Tonkin'

This is a bit of a Kylie Jenner-esque colour - a very brown, muted nude that suits a softer, more glamourous type look. The formula is comfortable, but definitely matte - so a little on the drying side. I just really like this lipstick for when I do step up my makeup game a bit - a darker eye paired with a brown lip is the bees knees, you know what I'm saying? I also really like the skinny, old school packaging - I feel like it's straight out of the 90's!

I've also included MAC 'Myth' into this photo but let me just clarify before you start picturing 'concealer lips' - I like this as a base, I swear! Pop a nice lip gloss on top or another creamy lipstick and I swear it isn't so long as you don't have anything remotely considered a tan!

I have to admit, as much as I love skincare, I am pretty damn lazy about my own skincare regime, and unfortunately I don't use masks as often as I should. I know, what kind of beauty blogger am I...? Rubbish.

I do, however, adore Origins masks, and they have rescued me time and time again. Everyone always talks about them, and it's for a good reason - they're affordable, and they work. Easy to use, faff free, and for the most part, offers something for everyone.

The first mask I ever bought from Origins was the Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask - probably the most well known. I'm not really sure what made me buy this mask, as I bought it about three years ago when my skin was definitely leaning towards the oily side, not even remotely dry. To be quite honest, I think I bought it due to hype, and because it smells delicious (like peaches, no joke).

Fast forward to a year ago when suddenly my skin decided it was dry, like desert dry. I had just finished cleansing with a new gel cleanser I was trying (mistake) my face decided it was going to tighten to the point of being very uncomfortable and for the first time in my life I was fumbling through my stash of excess skincare looking for something - anything - that would relieve the tight feeling in my face. It sounds dramatic - it was. This mask felt like a breath of fresh air, and ever since it's been my go to after particularly long days stuck in heating, or intense air conditioning, windy weather or when I've yet again tried to wash my face with a overly stripping cleanser (will I ever learn?). It's amazing, and the fact that I don't have to remove anything makes it sooo much better!

My second foray into the Origins masks was the Out Of Trouble 10 Min Mask. Alongside the drier skin came the unexpected breakouts, and whilst I'm still learning what's causing them, I've discovered this is at least a great mask to keep them at bay, as well as reducing their face time. I believe the standout ingredient is Camphor, which is great at purifying and calming skin, and reducing any irritants that the breakouts bring to the surface. The mask also helps to reduce oil, banish bacteria and clear the skin of any dead skin cells. It's got a pretty strong smell - I think it's the Camphor? - but I really like it. It smells like something that works - if that makes sense. It's also quick to use and really refreshing!

The last is the most recent - the Original Skin mask. This is a clay mask that aims to refine the skins surface, so it's cleanses and purifies and leaves the skins surface feeling smooth and looking radiant and you know what? It actually does. There's a lot of masks out there that market similar effects but I'm not sure I've really tried anything that actually does. The first time I used this mask, my skin felt so soft and smooth and whilst I don't have large pores to begin with, I did notice that anything that I was slightly concerned with had basically disappeared. When I put my moisturiser on afterwards it felt like it glided on and seriously, the next morning, I even swear my skin looked brighter. This feels like a real Sunday Pamper type mask - it's not going to rescue anything, it just makes you feel good.

I think trying new masks is fun - there's so many others out there I need to try (The new Glam Glow Firming Treatment, yes please!). Have you used any Origins masks? Are there other masks that you absolutely love? I need recommendations!
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