Another of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to remember to wash my brushes more frequently. I'm not sure why the concept of spending five minutes washing my brushes is such a damn hassle, but apparently it's enough to only make me get around to doing it once a month. Which, let's be honest, is a lot more frequent than it used to be (shame, I know).

I was in Myer recently and decided to pick up the MAC Brush Cleanser as something to use in between. I'm forever playing with dark eyeshadows and then regretting it days later when I want to sweep a nice, pale eyeshadow on the old lids, only to discover I can't because all my brushes are stained with blacks and plums. Or, I spend almost half the time washing my brushes - just washing the Real Techniques Buffing Brush because it's so...'consumed' by foundation.

This stuff is great, I just pour a little on a tissue and swirl my brushes around gently in it and in almost seconds, they're back to their bright and clean state, and it's all over in under a minute! Now that's what I'm all about!

I would highly recommend picking up a bottle of this stuff, I truly believe it's worth the money. My brushes have never been in better condition, and it's nice to know I'm not reaching for a dirty brush, not to mention the hygiene levels have probably improved (I know, gross, but really). This makes the job so quicky and easy, and it dries pretty quickly so if you're in the market for a quick and easy cleanser that's gentle on your brushes, it's got my thumbs up.

What do you use to clean your brushes? More importantly, how often do you do a deep cleanse? Tell the truth, kids. I won't judge. 

P.S Unfortunately, this is my last post lined up for you while I'm away. I know, bad beauty blogger! I am back on the 30th March and it will be totally worth it because I will have a SEPHORA HAUL.

Let's not start off on the wrong foot here - I don't dislike ANY of these products. I mean, you KNOW my feelings about Laura Mercier...nothing but love. This post is more so me admitting that I just cannot simply use these products - and I need your help and advice. I can't be the only one, surely?

First off, the Nars Laguna Bronzer. Wow, was I excited to pick this up in Sephora last year. The bronzer, ladies and gents, in my hands. And then I put it on my face, and stepped out looking like I'd been hit in the face with fake tan. Not a good look. I can neither achieve a nice 'glowing' look, nor a sleek, contoured cheek. It's mud, on my face, and don't get me started on how it looked when I stepped under the Light Of Truth aka the lighting in retail dressing rooms. How - WHAT AM I DOING WRONG. I just want to glow from within, is that SO hard? Somebody with no cheekbones write me a Dummies Guide on How To Contour. Don't be cheap on the step-by-step photos, I need the full thing.

Up next is the Stila Convertible Colour in 'Petunia'. It's gorgeous, but I do not have the time for this 'cream blush' thing. My morning blush routine generally consists of me grabbing whatever is nearest, swishing my brush around in it, hastily slapping it on my cheeks and ta da! Woke up like this, totally. But Cream Blush? Can't use just my fingers, can't use just my brush. What do you want from me, you beautiful, perfect flush, dewy pink goodness? An extra minute of my time? Patience? I'm sorry, it's not me. It's you.

Ahh, the Origins ZinZing Brightening Mascara. You were bought on a whim after seeing Lily wear it ONCE, and let's be honest. You're Origins, I expected greatness. Instead, I don't who you are. You are not voluminous, you are not very lengthening. You're not particularly the blackest and I wouldn't say you're long lasting either. You have an enormous brush, and coming from an ex Diorshow fan, the fact that I cannot get the hang of you is saying something. Now, you sit in my drawer, lonely and neglected. On a side note: I have heard this mascara gets better when it's dried up slightly, is this true? Because I want so badly to like this mascara - it comes from a good family...

This next one may come as a shock considering I am allll about the eyelashes, but I very rarely use an eyelash curler. I currently own the Shu Uemura offering, but even that did not solve my problem - and that is that eyelash curlers PINCH the skin around my eye, and it bloody hurts. Do I have a wonky eye shape that no curler can abide by? Am I doing something incredibly wrong? Does no one else end up with pinched skin around their eyes? This beauty business we women are so keen on? It's a bloodsport sometimes...

The last two are not so awful as much as maybe we started off on the wrong foot. I picked up the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner before I even picked up a liquid eyeliner. I would like to blame the fact I cannot pull off the flick on this decision, but it's probably not true. All you eyeliner pros - tell me your secrets. Is it technique? Is it the brush? Is Gel really better than Liquid Liner?

The Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser came about not long after I got home from three months abroad - skin glowing, three shades darker. No common sense happened here, and now I am stuck with an expensive not-foundation that can't be blended in, try as I might. This is not the issue though, my issue is that even when I didn't look like an orang-outang wearing this, I felt like I had rubbed sunscreen all over my face. The consistency is thick, it smells weird, and rubbing it in with my fingers felt like I had oil on my hands for a long time afterwards. I was dewy to the max, and always ended up having to powder halfway through the day, which I never do. The whole point of buying this was so that I had something quick and easy to throw on during the hot, summer days, and it turns out this is ten times more work and I ended up feeling it all damn day. Is it just me not doing something right? Am I just not the right market for Tinted Moisturisers with my complexion leaning towards the Oilier side of Combination?

So many questions, so many concerns. I am genuinely interested to hear your thoughts, does anyone else feel the same way? Have similar problems? Can you perform miracles? Is there a hyped product that you don't get either? Have at it in the comments below...

Oh boy, where do I even begin? Me? Holidays? Pack lightly? You'd make me laugh. Sit down, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I went backpacking. For three months. Pack lightly, they said. Three t-shirts is all you need, they said. I came home with 22kg on my back, and I mailed home 4kg and donated half my clothing to The Salvation Army in Boston two months in. I can't (read: won't) pack lightly, the idea sends me into a bout of anxiety. But doesn't everyone pack five different pairs of shoes? And so what if I need two concealers - they do two different things! I need two jackets, duh - one warm not so warm, but definitely stylish (amiright?). I mean, really though. It's just logical, right?

So, if you don't follow me on Twitter (and if you don't, you should!), I am heading off to America on Friday for two weeks with my best gal pal, and it's currently Tuesday night and I'm sitting in my room staring at my makeup drawer, deciding whether I reaaally need to take three blushers with me or not. I know, big decisions here guys. Having to narrow down the best of the best to take away with me is really killing me. I am not the type to use the same three or four products on a daily basis - even for work, I alternate blushers and foundations and eyeshadows everyday. So, having to choose just one or two? Proving harder than I thought. #FirstWorldProblems

Realistically, I should take the minimal amount considering I plan on shopping up a storm in Sephora, but apparently that's not helping. I honestly think the biggest question for me right now is, do I take my MAC Palette? It's not ideal, and I really wish I had purchased the four quad palette when I had the chance, as that would have been perfect. Alas, I didn't, and it's most likely that the MAC Palette will be plopped on top of my suitcase in a hasty, last minute decision.

The definite I-Didn't-Have-To-Think-Twice winners, ladies and gents - no surprises, of course I was taking the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation and Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara with me. These two are my trusty pals, I don't think I ever go anywhere without them. Tagging along is the Anastasia Brow Wiz (although, looking forward to popping the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil into my basket), the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, and the ol' Nars Blush in 'Deep Throat'. My chest tightens at the thought of the loss of my Nars 'Douceur' from my life briefly, but I do plan on picking up the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in 'Exposed' which I hear is quite similar, so...deep breaths.

Well, I'm off to go fulfill my OCD tendencies and make myself a full fledged packing list complete with boxes to check -  I learn't from the best...

Ahh, Aesop. Where have you been all my life? Oh, right here all along? Figures.

I don't know why it has taken me so long to try an Aesop product, being that it is one of Australia's most iconic skincare brands. I have walked past their stands in David Jones multiple times and swooned over the product designs and the lovely smells wafting around the place, yet I've never really stepped up and actually made a purchase.

When I 'stopped by' in the city not too long ago (stopped by, specifically planned to bankrupt myself, same thing) I took a moment to browse their stand, my mind set on trying the Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque that everyone and their mothers had been raving about for years. However, while talking to the lovely girl at the counter and briefly explaining to her my skincare situation, she urged me to instead try the Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque instead, insisting that this would be suited better to my skin type (oily/combination, not prone to dryness).

This clarifying clay mask aims at de-congesting and adding freshness to the skin whilst the inclusion of Vitamin E aids in maintaining hydration, leaving the skin soft and supple without a hint of the tightness or dryness that accompanies a lot of clarifying masks. It's aimed at Normal and Oily/Combination skin and works wonders for my skin type, but I definitely would not recommend it to anyone who suffers from dry skin as I do believe this might be a little too stripping.

I am really quite impressed with this mask, I can honestly see a huge difference after I wash it off, which by the way is so simple and quick, unlike the Origins Clear Improvement mask which, while effective, it's a pain in the ass to remove. It dries quickly - I probably only keep this mask on for around twenty minutes while I get myself ready for bed, and the girl at the counter said she would just pop it on for ten minutes in the morning while she ate her breakfast! It also smells amazing, that real Aesop smell that is just...fresh, and natural. I can see a considerable difference in my pores, especially on my nose where they are prone to congestion, and my skin looks a lot clearer and smoother after use.

I'd love to try some more Aesop products, and I will try the Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask next, if only because I love the packaging more than is probably healthy. I mean, it's just so photogenic, right? Is that weird? Probably.

What Aesop products have you tried? Any recommendations?

So, confession: I am terrible at cleansing my face, and probably only do it 2-3 times per week...and that's a good week. It was my New Years Resolution to make an effort to wash my face properly, and not going to's not going so well.

Truth be, I'm just really lazy. The whole two minutes I'd have to spend washing my face properly - obviously too much for this gal to handle. Don't get me wrong, I can't go to bed with makeup on. I remove it every night with Bioderma, but I know that's not enough and I really want to get into the habit of washing my face morning AND night.

The thing, I've only really ever tried one cleanser, which is the Origins Zero Oil and I LOVE it, but I do feel like I'd like to branch out and try something new and different, and that's where I'm turning to you guys - I need your recommendation for a new cleanser!

I don't think my skin is terribly picky - I would probably say I'm closest to oily/combination, and don't tend to suffer from many breakouts. There's so many cleansers on the market now days and it's so hard to pick just one, especially when I'm not looking for anything in particular! Recommendations are always the best and well appreciated, and I know there's a few new ones circling the blogs so I'd love to hear your opinions!

Let me know in the comments below which cleanser is your favourite!

I spend an inordinate amount of time reading beauty and fashion blogs, and am constantly refreshing Bloglovin hoping for new posts to appear. I can never follow too many blogs, and am constantly looking for new blogs to follow (and eat up all my day). I wanted to showcase a few, some are newly found and others I've been following right from the very start, but all of them I love and whole heartedly recommend, perfect for your Sunday night viewing!

Some oldies, but goodies, and ones you probably already know (but deserve the mention, because they work damn hard). Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles are the best makeup friendship duo to hit the internet, not to mention I almost always add something new to my wishlist whenever they post. Those girls could sell sand to an Arab. They know their stuff, and I trust their reviews and okay, they're just gorgeous. Their YouTube videos are also edited wonderfully.

I'm pretty sure that LLYMLRS was the first blog I ever followed, and she is still one of my favourite fashion and beauty bloggers to this day. Lily blogs regularly and always gives such honest and in depth reviews, plus her photography is perfect. She's really worked hard on her YouTube channel too and I whole heartedly enjoy watching her GRWM videos. I probably found Kate from Gh0stparties around the same time, and I've relied on her blog ever since for up to date and real reviews on beauty products right through to hair and skincare products. She's also behind Nouvelle Daily which has been a welcomed daily injection into my feed.

 I've always swooned over Rebecca's blog From Roses, her photography and styling is impeccable. Suzie over at Hello October makes me want her life, her Sunday posts are my most looked forward to, and she's so sweet and funny in her videos!

 Some love for fellow Australian bloggers, Chantalle from Cece & Grace, Laura at Breton & Blush, Ash from Actually Ash and Tenneil from Like Neon Love. I actually know Tenneil from way back in the Livejournal days, she and I had similar taste in music and we've followed each other since, so I was so excited when she finally started her own beauty blog! If you don't fall in love with her photos and styling, there is something wrong with you. Just beautiful, and I highly recommend all three girls to anyone, but especially any Aussie readers! It's really nice to be able to relate to bloggers in the same country as you, especially when makeup and skincare is definitely not as readily available here as it is in the UK or US (not to mention the prices, ugh!).

I also should mention one of my favourite Australian fashion bloggers - Emma Lucey from Spin Dizzy Fall. I love this girl, and I love her style. She's so gorgeous, I want to own every one of her outfits. It doesn't help she has a killer body, she looks good in everything! Her summer outfits are my absolute favourite, and I truly think she goes down as one of my biggest fashion influencers.

I also think everyone needs to go pop over to Tamira's blog The Guilty Girl. Tamira's name popped up a lot on my Instagram and I finally got around to clicking on her profile to discover she has her very own blog, and I was instantly addicted. I think I spent a good hour or two reading up on all her posts, I feel like we have a very similar taste in all beauty related things! She says I am her enabler, but girl, I am pretty sure you are now mine!

There are SO many other blogs which I would LOVE to mention but this blog post would become ENORMOUS if I could mention every blogger I love right now. I wanted to pick out a special few who I really feel deserve a mention, because I think they're doing fantastic work and I always, always get excited when I see their names pop up in my Bloglovin feed. If you don't already, give these girls a follow, you will not regret it. They make for some damn good evening reading!

 If you haven't already, you can also follow little old me on Bloglovin here. And leave your blog links below so I can check them out! A girl can never follow too many blogs...
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