This is the final edit of the series! Phew, I think I've blogged more this week than I have...ever. I'm glad you guys have been enjoying though, I've loved chatting with you all about our favourite products and I've definitely been Googling a lot of things I probably don't need...sigh. I did ask for it.

Today's topic is lips, and to be completely honest, I'm just not a huge lip fan! I actually am quite obsessed with lips on other people, and I love swatches, but on myself? Hardly reached for. I think this is mostly down to the fact I am at work five days a week, and whilst I wear most other makeup products on my face, it would be weird to wear a lip colour to work - my job is just not that glamorous, ha! I always wear something when I go out, but being the hermit I am, this does not happen too frequently, and I definitely forget to reapply throughout the night if needed.

So, it's safe to say, I'm not terribly bold with lips, and staying power is a must for me. Also taking into account I hate most drugstore lip products - the smell is just, no. I can't do it. So many lovely Revlon and Rimmel lipsticks that I just can't handle near my nose, sorry! My picks today are my go-to's, tried and tested and smelling...neutral.

Let's just start with the two boring products in the corner there - my trusty Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm and the Lush Lip Scrub in 'Mint Julips'. I wear that Maybelline lip balm every damn day. I can't leave the house without putting it on, and I always carry another in my handbag. I do tend to get quite dry lips, and especially working in a shopping centre with air conditioning pumping 24/7, it's just so nice to have some sort of barrier for my poor lips. I also like to apply it just after my foundation so my lips are primed for any potential lip colour. If I do plan on wearing a lipstick, especially matte, I love using the Lush lip scrub. Not only does it taste so good (like, mint chocolate, hello!), but it does a really nice job of scrubbing away any dry bits, and leaving the lips a little bit moisturised too! I personally apply a little too much, just so I can lick away the excess...err, yeah. I know.

I've loved the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms since I picked them up in the States recently. They're available in Australia now and I urge you all to go out and try them if you already haven't, especially since Priceline still has the buy one get one free offer - they end up costing the same as they do everywhere else in the world! Miracles happen. I have a peachy nude shade called 'Complex' and a bright pop of reddish coral, 'Audacious'. The colours are gorgeous, and they apply really well and leave you with a semi-matte finish. What I love is that although quite matte, they are not at all drying, in my experience. They are made with shea, coconut and mango butters so they also feel quite nourishing on the lips, although I still recommend using a lip scrub every so often if you plan on wearing these!

I have to include a MAC lipstick in here, naturally, and I've gone for 'Shy Girl', which is a peachy nude shade, almost 'your lips but better'. I just love the MAC formulas, especially the Cremesheen and Matte, and wish I could get my hands on more shades! This is just one of my all time favourites though, and it's so easy to wear - such a great, everyday colour and easy to apply. It's long lasting, and my favourite part is the smell - yes, it's scented, but not like normal lipstick scents. All MAC lipsticks have this kind of...vanilla scent? it's not overpowering, but it's there, and I think it's lovely!

Can't not mention my love for Tanya Burr's new range of lip glosses, of which I own 'Chic' and 'Afternoon Tea'. The latter is usually my go to, it's a slightly pinker shade than Chic. They are fantastic on their own, has a great colour payoff, and aren't sticky or gluggy like a lot of lip glosses. They also smell like strawberries and cream, I always start applying it and go 'ooh!' when I get a waft of that delicious scent. My favourite way to use them are over the top of a matte lip colour usually, and I've definitely talked about my love for the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 'Complex' and 'Afternoon Tea' combination. Soo lovely!

The last product is actually a bit of a re-discovery. I had forgotten about the Rimmel Apocalips lip colours, as I had initially bought the colour 'Phenomenon' I think, which I actually hated. It lacked pigment, and the formula was awful to apply and looked uneven and streaky. I went back a while ago and was flicking through the colours and saw 'Luna' and decided to try it again, and ended up loving this shade! It's a darker, peachier nude and the colour applies beautifully, definitely a lot brighter than I thought it would be on. They're probably not the longest lasting lip products but they are great for throwing on something quickly and easily, and from what I've seen of other swatches, a lot of the colours also have pretty good payoff. It seems it was just that first shade I picked up that was such a let down. I would love to try a bolder, red shade and see how I get on with that!

Well, that's it from me, my lovelies! I hope you've enjoyed this little series, it's a little insight to my favourites and most reached for. I would love to see others do the same! I'm so nosy and love seeing the products everyone else uses. Like I said at the start, we so often just see the same product hyped all over blogs, but we all tend to reach for different things on different days, so I love to see some old classics still in peoples everyday routine. There's some goodies in my drawer that I've been using for years and it's so nice to pull them out and remember how much I was and still am in love with them!

Cheek products are probably my favourite part of my makeup routine. I love my glowy foundations, and my lush mascara, but choosing a blush is when I get really excited, and when I feel like the look really comes together. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram pouring over beautiful photos of models or makeup artists looks and almost always, the first thing I notice is the cheeks. The cheeks are what make it!

I have to be honest, I found it really hard to narrow down my picks. I have a tray full of blushes, and I still use every single one of them on rotation! I've acquired a few new ones recently though that I've fallen in love with, and knew from first application that they were keepers, so I thought I'd share with you my favourites right now!

I'm all about glowing, radiating cheeks lately, I think my complexion has needed the extra boost mostly, but I've also just been loving the minimal flush but with the added sheen of a highlighter. I've just had to ween myself off MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in 'Stereo Rose' because I'd literally been wearing day after day, I was that in love. It's the perfect pinky peach flush with a little hint of shimmer and a little goes a long way, so I consider it a great investment!
Similarly, I've also rediscovered my love for 'Soft and Gentle', which is mostly just a pale pink highlighter which certainly helps find those old cheekbones of mine, wherever they are...

No one does blush quite like NARS, and I have to refrain from picking up a new blush from them every time I'm in Mecca Cosmetica. They are simply perfection, am I right? Too far? Nah. I couldn't decide which one was better, so I included both my blushes, 'Deep Throat' which is a deep, semi shimmery pink, and 'Douceur' which is a dusty, brown toned pink which looks like nothing in the pan, but on the cheeks? Amazing. I would almost go so far as to say this is my favourite blush ever. Yes, the browny pink is my favourite, wild I am, wild. On days where I'm not checking myself and 'Douceur' out, I'll almost always be wearing 'Deep Throat', which I particularly love because it can applied as a light flush, or with a heavier hand without you looking like Marge from that episode of The Simpsons. You know the one.

My love for those damn rosy brown blushes continued when I eyed MAC's 'Warm Soul' in San Francisco recently, and couldn't resist picking it up. It's essentially 'Douceur' with added shimmer, and is a quick and easy finish to any look. It's the browny rose version of 'Stereo Rose'...what can I say, I'm an addict.

Last up is the easily recognisable Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in 'Tipsy', which is the perfect coral pop. The pigment in this is amazing, and incredibly long wearing! I do wish more Tarte products were available in Australia as I'm hearing so many amazing things about the brand! I've also got their blush in 'Exposed', which is fairly similar to NARS 'Douceur', and again have been wowed away by how little product creates the most perfect, build-able blush! I am just so in love with that colour too, look at it! No dusty pink there...

Talking about all these blushes is making me want to fondly stare at my drawer, is that...weird? Probably.

I was never a huge fan of eyeshadows up until around a year or two ago. I think back and now realise where I was going wrong - I was always going for cool shades like silver and charcoal which not only do not suit my complexion, but they certainly did not suit my (brown) eye colour. Combined with the fact I had zero application skill, it was just a mess. I've definitely warmed up to eyeshadows though (literally, warmed up to much warmer colours) and even though I know there are so many more amazing eyeshadows out there, these are the ones I have tried and tested, and love to bits!

I won't go into much detail on this one, but the obvious pick is my MAC Palette, which you can read all about here. You don't need to do much research to know that MAC is an all round favourite for many, and it's for good reason. Their quality is excellent, long wearing and easy to blend, and there is a huge colour range to choose from. Walking into a MAC store is like entering a dream, and I can't wait to pick up more colours for my palette!

Another palette I've been loving lately is the Urban Decay Naked 3, which I feel like I talk about all the damn time. I am just so in love with the colours - perfectly rose toned, a selection of both matte and shimmer, great quality. There's just so much you can do with this palette and even though the price is a little steep, I think it's a great investment as it's one of the few palettes where I can see myself using every single shade offered.

Most days, I actually just wear a wash of colour on my lids, and I usually turn to a cream eyeshadow for this, purely because they're easy, and they just stay put, all day! My favourite lately has been the MAC Paintpot in 'Constructivist' which is a deep, warm brown that is perfect for a brown smokey eye. I bought it just to use a base for a more dramatic look, but have recently discovered that it also works perfectly on it's own, and I've literally been obsessed with just smudging it all around my eye this past week!

My other two picks are blogger favourites, and it's the Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows in 'Pomegranate Punk' and 'Bad To The Bronze'. Again, these are one swipe wonders. They don't budge, they don't crease, and the colour payoff is on par with MAC, what more do I need to say? They act as great bases to give a more vivid pigment to other eyeshadows, and work great alone for all sorts of smokey, grungey looks. I can't believe how amazed I am at these little gems, and you can quite often pick them up from Priceline for 20-30% off! Not bad at all, my friends, not bad at all.

Sorry if this post seems a bit rushed - I definitely left it too late to write and now I'm literally about to run out the door to have drinks with a friend! I'm so organised, right?

Tell me your thoughts on eyeshadows, cream eyeshadows, and your favourite palettes! Do you have a HG status eyeshadow?

You know those ‘If you got stuck on an island and you could only take one beauty item with you’ type questions? My answer is always mascara. I can’t live without the stuff, I will quite happily walk out the door with no foundation, no blush, nothing…but I will always have mascara on. I really do feel like I look like I don’t have eyelashes without it, it looks…weird. So if you’re into big lashes, and admittedly, I like big, black, clumpy lashes if I’m honest, then keep reading because I’m going to share with you my best of the best picks. I don’t think any of these will surprise you…

Hands down, the ultimate fav is the Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume. I’ve gone through tubes of the stuff, and it’s just been repurchased yet again. It’s the perfect volumising mascara, with serious oomph and serious lasting power. It’s also a true black; I can’t stand greyish or charcoal coloured mascaras! This will transform your lashes and can be a beautiful one-coat wonder, or can be layered for that grungy, dark effect I love.

I’ve recently been reaching for the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara for something a little…different to my standard look. This mascara is the more defined, more grown up version to the Clinque. It makes me lashes long and fluttery with just a simple stroke and I find both the brush size and the formula to be super easy to work with, unlike the Clinique which can take some getting used to.

A while ago on a shopping spree in Myer, I was ambling around the MAC counter, as you do, and I decided to spontaneously purchase the In Extreme Dimension Mascara, and I absolutely have not looked back! I’m adding this to my list of mascaras that amplify and that serious ‘wow’ factor to eyelashes. I’ve not heard too many people talk about this mascara, and I have no idea why, because it’s amazing! The formula is quite thick, so it does create a somewhat thick and chunky lash, but that’s exactly what I aim for, so for me this mascara is an absolute gem.

I wanted to add a few drugstore mascaras in here because even though they don’t tend to quite do it for me, I have found a few that are great for everyday wear when I want something a little more subtle. I picked up the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes in the recent Priceline 40% off sale, and I was pleasantly surprised. This mascara packs some serious punch! It has a plastic wand which personally, I prefer, and it picks up every single damn lash in just one coat. I’m not too sure about the longevity yet, I’ve yet to properly test it out, but as an all rounder, this gets the thumbs up from me.

Yet another offering from L’Oreal is the Telescopic Lash (Waterproof). Now, for future reference, I will never ever buy waterproof mascaras, because I hate removing them. This one I found on clearance one day in Target though, and after seeing Anna rave about it constantly, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. Now whilst this isn’t normally the kind of mascara I go for, I have to say…on the occasion I’m brave enough to wear something I’ll eventually have to scrub off, this is just lovely. Never mind the weird wand, I can totally see why so many people like this mascara so much. Sometimes, you just want something simple, but enough to make your eyes stand out, and this is that product. Lengthening, great colour payoff, long wearing, defining etc. It’s everything, and I almost want to go out and find the non-waterproof version simply so I can wear this more often!

Mascaras are so important to me. Never have I purchased one without doing a serious amount of research beforehand. I am picky, so picky! So what are your favourite mascaras to use, and why? I’d love to discover something new!

I’ll be honest, primer is not something I’ve ever thought I’ve needed. But I can see differences when I do wear primers, and for those days where just foundation won’t hack it, I’ve come across my fair share of some pretty awesome bases!

Lately, I’ve been singing the praises of radiance primers - for their glow power and serious reviving skills. I can highly recommend both the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and the Dior Glow Maximiser for the job, Laura Mercier being probably preferable for added lasting power, and the Dior for some serious glow action – great for those days where you wake up looking a little on the dull side and need a bit of extra help (aka me on Tuesday after our four day long weekend).

For a primer that has some serious smoothing abilities, you can’t look past Benefit’s Porefessional, a heavily silicone based primer which on the skin creates a velvety smooth, matte base. I have heard a lot of people say that using this makes their makeup lip, but I have yet to experience this problem, and I have fairly oily skin, especially around my t-zone.

My last favourite is the Clinique Superprimer – this one in particular is aimed to correct redness, which I do suffer from across my cheeks. I personally…don’t find it corrects my redness at all, which is unfortunate because I was quite excited about this product initially, but as a stand alone primer I still think it’s fantastic. Very good at smoothing over troubled skin and decreasing pore size, and leaves the skin smooth and soft. I wouldn’t recommend putting this on too soon after applying moisturiser though, I find the moisturiser and the primer tend to ball up on my face – does anyone else get this? I thought I was shedding dead skin at first and totally got the heebie jeebies!

Do you use primer underneath your foundation or mixed in? What are your thoughts on radiance primers or silicone based primers, do you have a preference?

Ahh concealer, you magical thing you. I'm not ashamed to say that sometimes...I have used all four of these products on my face all at once. I mean, it's happened maybe twice, three times...who's counting. But they're all different, and all have their own uses, okay? Most days I get away with just one, but here's the rundown on my four favourites!

Up first, the peoples favourite - NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. This is just an all round goodun' in my opinion. Not too dry, not too slippy. Good coverage, but not too good, ya know? NARS is one of those cringe-worthy priced products in Australia (along with so many others, let's not go there) but I honestly think if you were going to splurge on a concealer, make it this one. It's just...lovely.

An older favourite of mine is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, which I actually quite like to use as a brightening concealer, or to use for highlighting. This is mostly because I actually accidentally bought a shade too light for me, but it definitely has brightening properties and is a great under-the-eye brightener. It comes in super cheap too, a great one for the handbag.

I splurged on the MAC Studio Fix Concealer last year when I was in New York, and even though I don't tend to pull it out as often as I should (no applicator - the effort I tell you), it is certainly my go to for days or nights where I really need my face to not budge. Some people find it a little drying, but I personally am lucky enough to not suffer from dry skin so it works perfectly for me. I bought a slightly warm shade to help cancel out any blue undertones under my eyes, but I also find it excellent at covering up blemishes.

The last is a personal favourite at the moment, and I've been using it either alone or paired with the NARS offering. The Bobbi Brown Corrector in 'Bisque' certainly set me back quite a bit, and it did make me cringe when I realised how little product I got for my money, but once I saw it work it's magic I was sold. I had heard many good things about the Corrector and it's proved itself over and over. If you suffer from dark circles like I do, then you want to aim for a product that is going to cancel out the blue undertones that come with dark circles, like I mentioned before. This corrector is a solid peachy colour, much warmer than your concealer, but once applied, I find it absolutely eliminates that dark colour. My biggest problem previously was that my concealers were just making my dark circles look ashy, instead of covering them up, but the Corrector, as it suggests, corrects that colour tone!

I never used to have concealer in my makeup routine, but now I almost can't live without it. What concealers do you like to use? Have you had any that have worked wonders for you?

My lovelies, I want to share with you a new feature that's going to be popping up on your feed every evening this week! I've always loved reading about bloggers 'Top 5's' or 'Most Loved' products. Here in Blogland, we tend to get locked on a particular product and sometimes it's all you hear about, but in reality, I still tend to grab different products everyday depending on what suits the situation, or what look I'm going for. There is never just 'one' foundation for me, or 'one' mascara I always reach for, so I wanted to share with you all my beauty favourites, and each day I will showcase my selection of go-to beauty products, from drugstore to high end!

Today I want to talk foundations, getting down to the basics for a good base. For days when I need that little extra sumfin sumfin, I've always turned toward my old faithful Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. From the moment I first touched the brush to my face, I was in love. The coverage is unbelievable, and doesn't leave you with that 'caked on' appearance. I'll always turn towards this foundation for days when my skin needs a little extra help, or when I need it to last all damn day. 
Another goodun' I've recently discovered is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It's been all over your feed, I'm sure, so I won't go too in depth, but there is a reason everyone raves about it. I have received so many compliments whilst wearing this foundation, it sits so well on and it doesn't budge!

For days when I just want to slap on something light and easy, but with good coverage, I use the Loreal True Match Foundation. I've raved about this foundation so many times before, and even after the Luminous Silk entered my life, I still have reached for this foundation countless times. For a drugstore foundation, it is so surprisingly good! It does contain SPF though, I think, so I wouldn't be using this on nights out when I know my face might see a flash (ugh).

My last two have been go-to foundations in the past, before Laura Mercier made it's way into my drawers, and I still find myself reaching for them on occasion. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is one of those foundations I can use on days where my skin is treating me well, and I just want something light to even out my skintone. I can apply it with fingers, and it's on and done in a matter of seconds. The Rimmel Match Perfection I generally use in the same way, but the coverage is slightly fuller, but leaves the face looking and feeling fresh and dewy. Both these foundations do tend to have quite a strong fragrance to them though, so if this is something that bothers you I would probably stay clear! The Rimmel offering in particular has quite a unique scent, which does bother me on application, but does tend to settle down eventually.

I would like to make a special mention to the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation which just made it's way into my life a day after I shot this photo. I've only used it twice but already I'm in love. I would place it in between a medium to full coverage, as it is very buildable. I would not exactly say it's 'sheer' at all, actually. But I do tend to apply foundation with a heavy hand, so perhaps it could be classed as a light coverage too!

We all have our 'Holy Grail' foundations I'm sure, but are there other foundations that you still find yourself reaching for every other day?

Up Next: Concealers!

Wahh, so many blogging woes lately! You know, the usual. No sunlight, the paying job ruining my blogging visions etc. What a downer, eh. But, I am back with a few posts up my sleeve, including a new and semi regular (hopefully) post where I thought I would share with you all what's been happening in my riveting life (let's be honest, it's mostly based from the couch, and sometimes my bed).

I actually really enjoy these posts from fellow bloggers - as much as I love reading about hair and beauty and fashion (obsessively, my Bloglovin feed is insane lately, and I'm still not satisfied), sometimes it's so nice to actually learn about the person behind the blog, like their non-beauty interests and life outside the blogging realm. My favourite's to read are of course, the lovely Tenneil and her 'Life Lately' posts, where she always talks about all the amazing movies and TV shows she's watched lately. Also, her insanely good taste in music in on point (plus girlfriend includes a playlist at the end of every post - win!). I also love reading Lily's 'Wear Life Eats' posts, Suzi's 'Sunday Post'sBrittany's 'Sunday Edit's, and From Roses has just started her own 'Life Lately' series which I already know I'm going to enjoy.


Thing's have been a bit up and down the past year (or more like five), and I really need for this year to be different, so I've adapted this new outlook on life, I guess, where I've come to terms with the fact that nothing I choose to do is going to be easy. I wish I could have stuck to my Business degree and gotten myself a big girl job three years ago, but that didn't happen, and now I'm stuck with a Fine Arts degree and still no idea what I want to do with my life. I've gone through lists of possible outlets, all creative and none specifically listed on any job websites - y u so hard, creative industry!

Lately, I've had a few people suggest to me that I should get into the Makeup Industry. I initially laughed because the idea was absurd to me, but the more I think about it, the more it appeals to me. Sometimes when I think of hopping off to 'Beauty School', I think of those girls in high school, and the general stereotypes that are attached to that side of the industry. It's so silly, but I can't help it. I know it's not like that, but I can't shake it off. There's also the part of me that would dread telling everyone I know that 'Hey, I've decided to be a makeup artist!', only because I am the Queen of career changes. The looks of disbelief I would receive are already making me cringe.

But at the end of the day, I shouldn't care what people think. I've not felt this strongly about a potential 'career' before, and every day I get more and more excited about the idea of potentially being able to do something that I love and am so curious about. So I'm going to sit on it for a little while, see if it still appeals to me in a few months before I start to take some serious steps towards it.

But for now, I remain in my awful retail job, devoid of sunlight, intelligent people, and phone reception (don't ask).


I'd been in a bit of a music slump for a while, so I decided to just go for it, and download a bunch of new albums that have just recently been released. Two have been on high rotation lately: the first, and my absolute favourite is the new Band of Skulls titled 'Himalayan'. This album is so damn good. Personal favourites are Himalayan (everytime I get into my car, this is the first song I play), Asleep At The Wheel, and Hoochie Coochie. I'm not even sure how to describe it, but I guess if you're into the likes of The Black Keys or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club then you might enjoy this!

I've also been loving the Pixies first album in almost ten years, 'Indie Cindy'. I love, love the Pixies and this album does not dissapoint. It's technically not out yet (April 28th officially, and starting today selected record shops will be stocking it for Record Store Day) but if you can get your paws on it, I'd highly recommend! Bagboy is so good!

As far as TV goes, like 90% of the world I have been utterly ripped apart by the most recent Game Of Thrones episode. No spoilers, but so many feelings. So many. This TV show completely ruins my life.
In between getting my heart ripped apart by Game Of Thrones, I've started re-watching all of the Skins series - backwards for some reason. I thought maybe I was a bit too old for this show now, but apparently not, because I am hooked all over again! The music, the drama, the life I almost wish I had as a teenager!

My final point for today's post is mostly just to mention that I've recently been re-discovering the fun you can have in Photoshop, and just with photography and video in general. Three years of being a Photomedia major and burning out had put me off Photoshop for a while, but I've slowly gotten myself reacquainted and I'm beginning to remember it all over again! Not only has it inspired me to get creative with my photography again, but I've had a bit of an urge to translate this into my videos as well. Lately, I've been obsessing over Lily's videos and her editing, and I think that I'd love to start experimenting more with my filming techniques and post processing. Obviously, I need to learn how to get the basics down first (God, I'm still learning, so slowly) but it's good motivation to keep practising!

Well, that's it from me! Sorry this got quite long and rambly, I got a bit carried away with my 'life' venting, had to get it off my chest I guess! I'd love to know your thoughts on whether you like these kind of personal posts from bloggers, and if you guys ever have any music can throw them this way ;)

As usual, you guys can always keep up to date with me on my Instagram and my Twitter, but if you have Pinterest you can also follow me there! I have been pinning like a mad woman, lately!

I'm back again with my March Favourites! A little late, I'm sorry. Things have been a bit crazy this month, I am so looking forward to this long weekend! Basically, I was meant to work maybe 2-3 shifts the past fortnight, and it turned into 10, and counting, so all the blog plans I had flew out the window. I know, ugh, earning money and all that, it's so tiring!

I don't think there's any surprises in this video. I've only raved about some of these products three, five, ten times over. Who's counting? I was going to include my beloved Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in the video too, but it rolled off the couch at some point and I forgot about it, and then found it under the couch after the video (along with a dollar coin, yesss) and my spirit died a little. I found the entire pencil had broken off, rendering the entire thing basically unusable. I nearly cried. Not just because it was so damn good, but also because cripes, it cost a lot! I can't bear to toss the packaging either so I'm basically messing around with a stub of pencil every morning because goddmnit, I am not throwing away $34 worth of beautiful, effortless pencil (weep...).

Enjoy my lovelies, like and subscribe if you please, you know the drill!

Ahh, Las Vegas. The city of extravagance. This was my second visit to Las Vegas, however this time round was a lot stepping in front of a hairdryer and more...moderate temperatures (note: do NOT visit Las Vegas in Summer). We only had two nights and one day in Vegas, so I had to ask my friend Ruth to choose between visiting the Grand Canyon, or seeing a show. Luckily for me, she chose to see a show (I had been to the Grand Canyon on my last trip) and we ended up having all day to wonder around the city!

Our taxi driver told us we should visit Downtown Las Vegas, aka Old Las Vegas, and walk down Fremont St. So we got the bus down and checked it out.

I wasn't sure what exactly we were meant to see when we were there, but it was kind of funny walking around and seeing crazy street performers and the usual Las Vegas faff. We visited The Golden Nugget where a giant chunk of gold was stored which was actually dug up in Australia! I also walked past a casino that advertised 99c Deep Fried Twinkies and I dragged Ruth in with disbelief written right across my face until it was there, in my hand, oozing with oil and coated in a thick layer of powdered sugar (as if it needed it?). It actually exists, and I impressed myself by lasting a two whole mouthfuls before it went straight in the bin. Oh dear, I still can't believe that was a real thing on a real menu.

So we decided to go see 'O' by Cirque De Soleil in the Bellagio Theatre and wow, I have never been so blown away by something in my life. There was so many things happening on that stage I didn't know where to look half the time, and everything about it was just 'O', for real. Never have I gasped so much in one sitting. I would go see that show again in a heartbeat if I could! Afterwards, I decided Ruth needed to go see the infamous lobby ceiling in the Bellagio, which is a heap of blown glass flowers clustered together, and it is AMAZING. So beautiful. We also wondered through the rest of the lobby to discover a whole section further down where they had created a garden with a mixture of real and fake flowers, a real greenhouse with actual butterflies inside, huge caterpillar sculptures (and lady bugs!) and even a 'painting' that was actually created with real life flowers and plants. Just, simply amazing. Like I said, extravagance.

We also took a walk through The Venetian's shops, which are all indoors. It's themed to look like Venice, and can I just someone who has been to Venice in Italy, they have done a damn good job at replicating it. Just, wow! Can I say extravagance again? I just did.

Our last stop of the trip was Los Angeles, we had a day and a half before we left for home, so like the total tourists we are, we stumbled across Madame Tussauds and thought we'd kill some time in there as neither of us had ever been inside one before. I thought it was great, it was scary how life like some of the people were! This is me directing with my all time favourite, Quentin Tarantino. No biggie.

I was pretty much sold on Madame Tussauds when I found out Leo aka Love Of My Life was inside, so I had my moment of course. Oh, Leo. I was also quite chuffed to 'meet' Will Smith, who doesn't love Will Smith? We capped off our holiday by trekking out to Venice Beach and having lunch there, and then boarded our looong plane ride home.

This will have been my fourth visit to the United States, and I have loved it each and every time! It's not just the shopping I love, although that helps, it's just everything! I feel pretty well travelled now, I feel like I could safely advise anyone who was travelling there on where to go (lol) and what to see. What a know-it-all, haha!

I hope you guys have enjoyed my photos, I'm sorry they were so pic heavy, but I had so much I wanted to share with you! I'm getting back into the habit of blogging though, and I have a few beauty related posts coming up shortly, plus I've been tinkering with video making lately as well, and whilst it's somewhat frustrating and so foreign to me, it's exciting having a new avenue to explore and more room for creativity!

My lovelies, I relented and purchased the Canon 600D purely so I could start playing around with videos. I know, I'm pathetic! But I'm really enjoying it so far, and I can't wait to start getting more practise so I can deliver more for you!

In saying that, the making of this video was awful from the very beginning. I'm still getting the hang of things. Someone remind me next time that my face being in full view would probably be helpful for viewers. And also, my iMovie HATES me. It refused to let me export my video after HOURS of editing, and I still don't know exactly what the problem was. I Googled and have come up with either the fact that iMovie did not like me having clips less than 5 seconds in length (which I later removed), or it did not like me adding any extras to clips such as text or music. OK YOU WIN IMOVIE.

Let's not even get started on the fact I seem to have the slowest upload speed in the world. Australia has the 92nd slowest upload speeds in the world, fun fact! #firstworldproblems

Anyway, I still had fun doing this, and think I might head down a similar path with my next few videos. I did plan on doing a March favourites video also, but I feel like that time has come and gone. Hello, April. You have come quite suddenly, and I was not prepared!

Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any requests I would gladly consider them!

As always, please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed, and make sure to subscribe to know when I post new videos!

I know what you're thinking. 'Brodie, you couldn't possibly use ALL those products when you wash your hair!' Oh yeah? Better believe it! People wonder why I despise washing my hair, and let me tell you why...

I don't necessarily have unruly hair by any means. I just have that kind of hair that if I want it to look half decent, it requires a lot of work, and me going blonde has only made my routine that much longer than it used to be. My hair is dry (from bleaching), tends to go gold (from bleaching), flat on top, but bottom heavy, frizzy and a mixture between dead straight and ringlet curly (I know, I didn't think that was possible either but it is). Most days, at work, I tie my hair up into a messy bun and get on with my life, but for the days I need to look put together, this is essentially my haircare routine, give or take!

My shampoo and conditioner of choice lately has been the Loreal Ever Riche Nourishing and Taming duo. I'm not terribly picky with shampoos but I really did notice a difference when I started using these. My hair was a lot fuller and less weighed down, and the conditioner is very nourishing, and it also smells amazing! You know how I feel about good smelling products...

Every other time though, I do mix it up. I tend to suffer from a few scalp-y problems every so often, perhaps just a build up of all the products I use on my hair which upsets it and results in a poor scalp condition. When this happens, I turn to the Philip Kingsley No Scent, No Colour Shampoo to give my hair a break from all the nasties that tend to be in most commercial shampoos. It's kind of funny to use - having no sulphates in shampoo basically means it doesn't foam up, and I never know if I'm applying too much shampoo or not, when I'm just trying to make sure I shampoo all over. This is a nice, gentle formula though and aimed at those with sensitivities, and although it's a tad drying and slightly weird to use, I'd still recommend it. I think I picked this up from Ebay, or StrawberryNet.

Once a week, I also use a purple shampoo in my hair to rid it of all the brassy tones from bleaching. I love the Fudge Violet Toning Shampoo after shampooing my hair with regular shampoo. It's the first purple shampoo I've tried which actually makes a noticeable difference, and at around $18 a tube, it's well worth it as it seems to last for ages! It also smells like pudding, and I can't tell you how much I enjoy staring at my foamy, purple head of hair and inhaling what smells like vanilla pudding. Ahem...

If, and when I do tone my hair, using a hair mask is absolutely vital as even though the Fudge offering is probably the most moisturising of it's kind, it still leaves my hair feeling a bit like straw, so I usually reach for the Redken Extreme Strength Builder Mask which restores the moisture in my hair and definitely helps tame the fly aways. I have been told by my hairdresser though to not overuse this product - once a week max, as apparently adding too much protein to your hair can actually make it break!

Out of the shower, I turn to my little stash to help tame and protect my hair. I usually reach for Argan oil first, I've been using a Babyliss Pro offering for a while now which is quite nourishing on my poor split ends. It's so easy to over do though, and quite often I've ended up with greasy ends (sad face). I then use a few pumps of the Redken Extreme Anti Snap Leave In Conditioner all over, which also happens to smell divine as well as being great for my hair and it's frizzy-ness. I still have a small bottle of Goldwell DualSenses Rich Repair Serum left over from a hairdresser visit a year ago, which is also quite nice (and smells great, duh) but I feel like the Redken has a much more noticeable effect.

The newest addition to my routine has been the Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray which I talked about in my USA Haul video recently. I spritz this onto my roots before I go in for the blow dry and it certainly adds 'oomph' to my hair, what an amazing product. My only complaint is that it does make the roots feel a little stiff with product, but seeing as I'm used to that (thanks to dry texturising sprays) it doesn't bother me too much. At this point, I'm ready to blow dry my hair (my hair is very flat if I don't blow dry it!).

I have to straighten my hair after I blow dry it, it's fluffy and frizzy and out of control if I don't, so to prep it for heat I use the De Lorenzo 'Extinguish' Thermal Protection Spray. When I'm done styling, I usually finish it off with a spritz of dry texturising spray to add a bit of grittiness, my favourite at the moment being the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray (again, the smell, divine, no words) but in the past I've reached for the Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish Spray which is a great offering and still a favourite. I've also been playing with the Bumble & Bumble Cityswept Finish Spray lately, which I'm still not sure about, but it does add a 'lived in' feel and my hair definitely needs a bit of that grittiness to help it settle down.

So as you can see, it's a bit of a process to wash my hair. I wish I was one of those gals who could just wash their hair and step outside the house with wet hair without having to worry about the frizz ball it would soon become! But I do quite enjoy playing with new hair products, and I'm always finding something new to add to or replace in my routine.

Have you guys used any of these? Any thoughts? Any recommendations? Help a frizzy haired gal out by leaving a comment below about your own haircare routine!

Oh, New Orleans. You stole my heart. I don't know if it was your beautiful architecture, or the kindness of the locals, or the amazing food, but wow. Thanks for having me!

Not too many photos though, believe it or not. Mostly because we spent a lot of time walking around streets and taking photos of houses, and I didn't want to give you a post just full of photos of houses, although...they were incredible.

We actually went to New Orleans to attend a wedding of a friend of Ruth's (my friend who I was travelling with), so we did spend one of five days doing that (a traditional, Southern wedding - to DIE for) but we also managed to get in quite a lot of sight seeing and eating.

I didn't start the trip off very well though. Like, at all. We spent our first day wondering around and eating and that was fine, and by late afternoon I decided I needed a coffee, and we just happened to be heading in the direction of the infamous Bourban St, and I stupidly thought I'd be able to find coffee there (lol). Needless to say, we didn't. The first photo above is a small snapshot of Bourban St, which is probably around a mile long and LINED with bars all offering you amazing deals on Daiquiris and Hurricanes, which seem to be the two most prominent drinks of New Orleans. We ended up stumbling across a karaoke bar called The Cats Meow which we'd been recommended so we thought we may as well stop and have a sit down and a drink.

So, we ordered a Hurricane each, not expecting to be given it in an ENORMOUS soda cup. At $8 each. I didn't expect it to be very strong, and I was so, so wrong. Australian drinks are SO weak compared to the drink standards in the US, wow. We sat and drank our enormous soda cups for an hour, and I stupidly decided to get just one more, because I was pretty drunk at this stage and thought that was a clever idea. At around six, we were supposed to leave and get ready to go and out bowling with Ruth's friends, but that never happened for me. I actually do not remember getting back to the hotel, I don't remember a taxi, I don't remember having beads thrown at me from a balcony on Bourban St. I do remember being sick until four in the morning, and pretty much hating life though.

 So that was my Bourban St experience, moving on. We also did a swamp tour which was awesome. We went out on a boat and spotted alligators with a tour guide whose family had owned the swamp for many generations, and he knew all the secret spots. We found a biggun', and fed him some marshmellows (go figure) and chicken wings for a while, all the while watching in horror as our tour guide tickled it's chin and basically patted it like a dog (oh, and another tour guide nearby JUMPED IN AND SWAM WITH ONE). Let me tell you, this would not be happening in Australia with crocodiles folks. Nooo way.

So besides the French Quarter, the other stunning part of New Orleans is the Garden District. This blew me away. You would drive down St Charles for miles and it would be LINED with absolutely gorgeous mansions, one after the other. We drove down a couple of side streets and with some of Ruth's lovely friends who had Google mapped a few places in particular to check out, and we walked around and spotted a few celebrity homes, all of which were gorgeous. The very first photo is actually Sandra Bullock's home, magnificent no? The last photo is Trent Reznor's (of NIN) old home, which is now owned by John Goodman.

And for any fans of American Horror Story (Coven in particular), I just HAD to seek out Madame LaLaurie's mansion, which was actually located in the French Quarter. The story of Madame LaLaurie is 100% true and I had to see the house for myself, which is apparently haunted. It's the big corner house in the top right photo. Unfortunately, you cannot go in as it's privately owned by someone, who also has renovated it to it's current beauty today. How you can live in that house though, the idea freaks me out!

I had to throw this photo in. We went shopping along Magazine St on our last day which is lined with amazing boutiques, and we stumbled across this mask which Ruth thought was hilarious. Ruth, why the long face? (Ba dum chhhhh)

I really, really loved New Orleans. What an amazing place. I can only describe it as vibrant, and colourful and full of personality. I could have spent another five days there easily! If only to eat more of the delicious food...Creole anything, I am SOLD.

I would love to share with you some photos from my recent trip to America, although I took so many it was SO hard to pick just a few! I didn't take my Canon with me as it's so big and heavy, so most of the photos were shot either on my iPhone or on my Sony Cybershot so apologies for the crappy quality on some!

We spent two weeks travelling around, but our first stop was San Francisco for five nights, and that is probably where the bulk of my photos came from! What a beautiful city, I have actually been here before but I only spent a day there and we did an enormous bike ride to Sausalito (which I did again this trip) so I didn't get to properly explore the city. I also noticed that everyone in San Francisco is super lovely, and so polite! Very laid back also, which we Australians were quite comfy with :)

So above were shots taken in Chinatown, which was pretty incredible really. Just a very long street lined with all sorts of interesting shops with everything from knick knacks, to oriental homewares, not to mention some incredible looking restaurants (I love Chinese food so much...!). It's also fairly flat for San Francisco so very easy to walk up and down!

This was about a quarter of the way through the epic bike ride so excuse the totally gross face and hair, haha! If anyone goes to San Francisco and wants to have an absolutely amazing experience, I highly recommend the bike ride from Fisherman's Wharf to Sausalito - it's so hard in some parts, but so worth it overall!

I'm not quite sure what the name of this park is, but it's so beautiful, and because it was such incredible weather there were SO many people just hanging out and having picnics! What a life, I'm so jealous.

Totally cool and awesome selfie on the Golden Gate Bridge with my bestie, Ruth!

So the first photo above is the famous Lombard St, which has an incline of 27% so they had to make 8 hair pin turns for cars to get down it! It doesn't look it in the photos, but it is crazy steep, and just walking up the first part of this street nearly killed me.
The second photo was taken in Alcatraz, which was a pretty surreal experience. We were actually there at the same time as one of the only remaining ex-convicts, who had written a book on his experience in Alcatraz, and was there for a book signing, so we got a book signed and got a photo with him - I still don't really know what to think about that part, haha!

I could never get over the architecture in this city, it is just amazing! I would love to live in one of those apartments one day!

And a selfie for good measure.

Overall, I have to say, San Francisco may just possibly be one of my favourite cities in America! It's just so exciting and vibrant, but laid back and beautiful and calm at the same time. There's always somewhere to go, and something to see, and it had great food. I had the best burrito of my life in Mission District, oh my Godddd.

Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed this rather larger photo post, sorry it's so pic heavy, but San Fran is so photogenic it's unbelievable. Coming up next, New Orleans, my new favourite place ever!

I'm baaack! And terribly broke. America, I love you, stop taking my money! Insert ugly cry face. But seriously, I had the BEST time away, this was my fourth trip to the United States and I see new and different things every time, and I can't get enough! I will definitely have to put together a little photo post of my trip later so I can show you guys what I got up to!

Most importantly though (lol), I obviously hit up the shops on my first day there. Pretty much the most exciting thing about America to us Australian kids is the shopping, let's be real. Makeup especially is so overwhelmingly expensive in Australia so when given the chance to shop at places like MAC and Sephora, we jump at the chance.

I bought SO much guys, it was so exciting! I couldn't wait to get home to tell you all what I bought (brag, brag, brag) and in my head, I had all these visions of some amazing, clean and pretty video in which I calmly showed you everything I bought in full HD perfection. Needless to say, this did not happen. I had completely forgot that I loaned my Canon 5D to my Dad for his holiday, and as such only had my small point and shoot camera to record on. I tried, so hard, and I recorded nearly all of my haul almost five times, each time it got cut off at some point and I'd realised I'd been talking to a dead camera for nearly five minutes. I wanted to give up so badly, but I knew if I didn't film it now, it probably would not have gotten done at all, so I did the only thing I thought I could do.

I filmed it in Photobooth.

The shame, the shaaame. I did not imagine that my very first video was going to be filmed on my laptop, and it makes the photographer in me cry. I was so exhausted at this point, I rushed through everything and got tongue tied a hundred times, and totally forgot to take a photo at the end so that is why you are looking at an uuuuglay screenshot above.

I'm not doing a very good job at selling it, but please check the video out here and let me know if you'd like to see more videos in the future! Not filmed on my laptop obviously...

Sometimes, you just have to let things go (deep breaths).

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