I'm baaack! And terribly broke. America, I love you, stop taking my money! Insert ugly cry face. But seriously, I had the BEST time away, this was my fourth trip to the United States and I see new and different things every time, and I can't get enough! I will definitely have to put together a little photo post of my trip later so I can show you guys what I got up to!

Most importantly though (lol), I obviously hit up the shops on my first day there. Pretty much the most exciting thing about America to us Australian kids is the shopping, let's be real. Makeup especially is so overwhelmingly expensive in Australia so when given the chance to shop at places like MAC and Sephora, we jump at the chance.

I bought SO much guys, it was so exciting! I couldn't wait to get home to tell you all what I bought (brag, brag, brag) and in my head, I had all these visions of some amazing, clean and pretty video in which I calmly showed you everything I bought in full HD perfection. Needless to say, this did not happen. I had completely forgot that I loaned my Canon 5D to my Dad for his holiday, and as such only had my small point and shoot camera to record on. I tried, so hard, and I recorded nearly all of my haul almost five times, each time it got cut off at some point and I'd realised I'd been talking to a dead camera for nearly five minutes. I wanted to give up so badly, but I knew if I didn't film it now, it probably would not have gotten done at all, so I did the only thing I thought I could do.

I filmed it in Photobooth.

The shame, the shaaame. I did not imagine that my very first video was going to be filmed on my laptop, and it makes the photographer in me cry. I was so exhausted at this point, I rushed through everything and got tongue tied a hundred times, and totally forgot to take a photo at the end so that is why you are looking at an uuuuglay screenshot above.

I'm not doing a very good job at selling it, but please check the video out here and let me know if you'd like to see more videos in the future! Not filmed on my laptop obviously...

Sometimes, you just have to let things go (deep breaths).


  1. Oh, man, Photobooth. I didn't realise we had travelled back in time to 2007! Hahaha.

    Jokes aside, I LOVED your first video, girl! You're such a natural in front of the camera. I remember I tried filming one for LiveJournal once and ugh, I'm just so awkward and quiet! I think YouTube could be really fun, but it seems so time consuming and blogging already takes a huge chunk of it. Anyway, I really hope you keep making more and they'll look so amazing filmed on your Canon 5D!

    Now, onto the good stuff... WOW. I am so jealous of how much you bought! You MUST film a makeup collection one day! The Hourglass stuff are just beautiful, aren't they? I think with the Ambient Lighting Powder, it's a little hard to judge at first because it seems like nothing, but when you don't use it, you notice the difference in how much it enhances your complexion. Definitely check out the Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipsticks next!

    I looove the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. I ordered the full size bottle from Barneys. I don't even want to think about how much I paid, but it's so worth it for the oomph it adds to your hair. I was really curious about the Bumble and Bumble City Swept Finish, but I think I'll be skipping out on this as I have other hair products that achieve a similar effect.

    I still need to get my hands on some Tarte blushes! I'm probably going to Hong Kong this year and I know they have Sephora there, so hopefully they stock the brand. I'm a little worried they don't as I'm pretty sure the stores in Europe didn't. :( Oh well, at least they have Urban Decay and I'm dying for the Naked 2 Palette! Naked 3 is a little too warm for my liking.


    1. Tenneil, I'm still dying of SHAME. It took me almost two days to work up the courage to actually upload that video. Ugh, something to look back on and laugh at.

      I am seriously wondering why I'm trying to do videos when I struggle to make blog posts as it is! But I think it's just because I really love watching videos, and for some types of posts, I always want to talk about something more, and I feel like in a video I might be more able to expand on what I want to say. I don't know, I'll see how I go haha. Editing is a nightmare, I have no idea how to use iMovie :(

      I'd totally film a makeup collection but mine is not beautifully stored like everyone elses :( My drawers are just, totally stuffed to the brim haha. Rather unfortunate!
      Ohh yeah, I would LOVE to try the Hourglass Liquid Lipsticks next...I would go all out and get like, a red. Something totally different for me!

      Oh man, I seriously hope they DO have Tarte blushes...could you google if they do? They are just so lovely! And YAYY Naked Decay! I like quite a lot of the colours in the Naked 2, but there's unfortunately too many cool colours in it which don't suit me so wahhh. I really like the first one too.


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