I spend a good portion of my day refreshing Instagram. It's safe to say it's my favourite form of social media, I barely even touch Facebook nowadays. They say a picture says a thousand words, and words couldn't be truer! I mean, how much better is a photo of my sandwich than me just saying I'm eating one? ;)

I find Instagram to be a great source of inspiration, and I am constantly finding myself on the 'Explore' tab finding new and beautiful accounts to follow. I thought I'd let you in on some of my favourites, enjoy..!

alisaeuno - Alisa is a designer/model/DJ and has the coooolest hair, this girl makes me want to dye my hair purple. Just an absurdly gorgeous chick with a cool life that makes me envious when I'm at home on my couch in my pyjamas drinking tea.

ania_jnr - Stumbled across this Australian MUA by accident, and it was the best accident to ever happen. The work she does is AMAZING (she is responsible for this gorgeous look) and is a serious inspiration to me. I need to know her secrets...

scout_catalogue - Bre is the creator and director of Scout & Catalogue, producing stunning leather goods that seriously have me weeping and considering handing over my credit card without even thinking. Besides her gorgeous line of goods, she also takes stunning photos of her amazing home and workspace, as well as her hometown in Canada and occasionally a throwback to when she lived in Mexico, where it all satarted. Mexico, guys...

ellhulls - Another happy accident, another Australian. This time it's Danielle Hulls, an incredible Sydney based photographer. Seriously, her photographs are beautiful. The styling, the locations, the editing - superb. Her photos are magical, whimsical, and dare I say...flirty? Her use of shadow and light is impeccable, I have photographer envy every time a photo comes up on my feed.

gemkwatts - This gal is in the Fashion Journalism industry so it's no surprise her Instagram is a thing of beauty. Lush high end products, clean and minimal photos with perfect lighting, beautiful styling...checks every Perfect Instagram box.

meccacosmetica - One especially for us Aussies, the official Instagram for Mecca Cosmetica. They post gorgeous photos which have me either drooling or adding things to my ever growing Mecca wishlist. It's also a great way to keep up with any future releases, and to top it off they occasionally post some seriously beautiful inspiration. An all round goodun'.

miannscanlan - I'm not sure exactly how I came across this account, as I'm not familiar with her style blog, but boy am I in love with all the photos that are posted. It's like the greatest cross between amazing style and beautiful travel photos. She is currently shooting in Bali and the gorgeous photos of beaches and food have me seriously considering a beach holiday. She also recently was sent to Tasmania to document the beauty down there and her photos just had me holding my breath. Seriously one of my favourites, I can't get enough!

I am just in love with the idea of Instagram, I think it's one of the best things to happen in Social Media in a long time. I am forever trying to find new people to follow - sometimes I can be on there for hours scouring new accounts through the 'Explore' tab!

Now that you have a little insight into who I love to follow, I would love your recommendations! Link me below some of your favourites! If you like, you can also find me here on Instagram :)


  1. OH WHADDUP NEW INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW. I am such a double-tap specialist. I spend all my day looking at pretty things and then just double-tapping the shit out of them.

    You are one of my fav accounts to follow! So much pretties :) T xx

    1. I can't believe I never knew till now that you could double tap to like - mind.blown.

      Thankyou my lovely! And I hope you enjoy some new ones to follow!

  2. I love how Instagram inspires me :) You're right pictures do really say thousands words! xx

  3. Everyone seems to double tap, I feel like I'm the only one who taps the little heart! Haha. I asked on Twitter, let's see what responses I get!

    Gotta love Instagram. To tell you the truth, I go some days without scrolling through my feed, but I honestly just need a clear out of some accounts I don't like anymore to get rid of the boring stuff and only have pretty stuff in my feed! I always love adding more too, so I'll definitely check these out.

    Some of my favourite Instagrammers of the moment are natalieliao_, stevieroseray, grace_mxo and mlnlmal. Very sleek and minimal in style!


    1. Oh, I am always unfollowing and following people. Sometimes I go through phases where I'm into something particular and then like two months later I'm totally uninterested haha. Same goes for Twitter!

      I gave those guys a looksies and they're fab! Thanks for the recs :)

  4. I'm addicted to Instagram. Gems account is drool worthy isn't it? I'm constantly finding new accounts to follow through the explore tab too! I need to check out those accounts you've recommended though ;)

    Sarah | More Than Adored


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