Remember when I blogged regularly? Yeah, I don't either. In hindsight, it's actually not been that long, but it's felt like forever. I have not enjoyed this time away, let me tell you!

Even though I've slowly started getting back into things, I just felt like I needed (and wanted) to let you guys know why I was away for so long, and also let you in on a few exciting things I've done recently!


It's really lame, but the reason I've been unable to blog recently is mainly due to work, and winter. Goddamn you, winter. I changed stores when I came back from overseas, and suddenly found myself working Monday to Friday which was fantastic as I finally had weekends off, a dream come true. Except then I found myself booking out every weekend, for almost six weekends straight. So I was coming home at 6pm every night, in darkness, and I was never home on the weekends, which basically left me zero time to photograph, let alone write up blog posts. It was incredibly tiring and frustrating, and this weekend was my first weekend at home (although, I was busy doing things elsewhere unfortunately).

Despite not having a single day to myself, I still have had a pretty good few weeks! Earning some $$$ is obviously great and, ya know, useful. But I've also jetted off to the Gold Coast for a weekend with one of my besties, and following that a weekend down in Melbourne to visit my dad and another bestie! I've technically been to Melbourne a few times before but never properly seen it, so it was really exciting to have a couple of days to properly explore it and see what the big hype is! I also went to the new H&M store which has just opened there - Australia's first H&M! It was in a beautiful old building, and I was really surprised by their line of clothing and pricing. I always find myself in an H&M overseas and can sometimes nab a few bargains but am generally not into it's style so much. But I could have bought half the store, some really gorgeous offerings! Although the home section could have been a little bigger...

An absolute highlight of the last few weeks was getting to meet Tenneil and Katrina, two of my favourite blogging ladies! Tenneil came over from Perth to see Vivid Light Festival here in Sydney and it was the perfect opportunity to catch up over coffee and amazing gelato. I had such a lovely day and it's so great being able to meet fellow bloggers - surprisingly, we did not end up talking about makeup for hours, which is probably a first for me, haha!


I've also, quite randomly, had a few driving orientated experiences. About a month ago, I attended a Defensive Driving Course, which is an all day course aimed at providing insight and on hand experience in how to deal with dangerous situations on the road. This course was fantastic, and I whole heartedly think this course should be compulsory for anyone learning to drive. We spent the majority of the day out on a drag strip of a race course basically doing emergency braking, and also learning how to control the vehicle whilst braking, in dry and wet weather conditions. On top of that, I also learnt SO many things that they are teaching us incorrectly in driving schools, aaanndd the consequences of our bad habits. I was absolutely STUNNED at some of the things I learnt. Like I said, this should be 100% compulsory for all - I actually cannot believe it's not compulsory already!

My second, and the best thing I've done in a long time, was do two short Stunt Driving courses. Complete polar opposite of the defensive driving course, huh? These were actually a birthday present from my Dad, but we've had to delay the course for months due to scheduling conflicts! I'm so glad I finally got to do it though, I actually just did it yesterday. We saw them doing the course last year out at the race tracks, and I remember saying how much fun it looked, and got the lovely surprise on my birthday! I did a beginners course first, where we did 180 degree handbrake turns, multiple 360 degree spins on a vinyl surface, and a sort of motorkhana, as well as being a passenger in a car driving up on two wheels!

I also got to stay and do an Advanced course in the afternoon, where I actually got to DRIVE on two wheels, as well as do a proper 360 spin (without vinyl!) followed by a j-turn (like a reverse 180). I had SO MUCH FUN GUYS. That was such an adrenaline rush, it was unbelievable. I am so sore and achey from all my rough driving and being thrown against the window multiple times ha! I can't believe how much co-ordination it takes to do some of these things, but once you got it down, the feeling was incredible. I want to do it all over again! I'm still on a high from it!

Well, that's enough out of me. I just wanted to pop my head in and say that I'm getting back into the swing of things, and I can't wait to get back into the saddle again. I have missed blogging and all you guys! Thanks for sticking with me!

P.S If anyone in Sydney is interested in the Stunt Driving course, you can find more info on the Ultimate Stunt Driving website. Trust me, it is worth every dollar, and is a great birthday present, for guys AND gals!

*Cover image taken by myself. 


  1. Winter is just the worst! Usually if I finish work early, I can find some time to take blog photos, but now the sun just disappears ridiculously early and it's so sad! I hate finishing work when it's pitch black - it just seems so much later than it is - whereas in summer, I feel like I can get so much more done. I'm definitely far less productive come the colder months!

    When I came home from Sydney, my parents and I were talking about how easy it is to travel to so many more places when you live over east and how it's so much cheaper too. I always have to plan a trip at least a month in advance! It's something I definitely want to take advantage of when I move over your side eventually. I can randomly fly to Sydney for a weekend when Sephora finally opens and I'd love to go to the Great Barrier Reef. As much as I love going overseas, there's still so much to do within your own country, I think. I'm SO excited to finally see Australia's first H&M. From the pictures, it looks incredible!

    I was so surprised at how little we talked about makeup too! I mean, I guess you can't have good, long-lasting conversations about it as there's only so much you how say about how amazing a product is! I think that's really awesome though because we have so much more to talk about than just our love for makeup and I'm so grateful that I have formed such great friendships through blogging. :)

    I definitely want to do a Defensive Driving Course once I get my licence as I really want to try my hardest not to be one of those annoying drivers everybody hates! Driving in the rain is still a little scary to me and I'm going to have to be a pro at it if I move to Melbourne! I almost went through a red light (a car went through before it'd turned red and I wasn't focusing and was just going to follow it) and the brakes screeched so loudly as it was wet. It was definitely embarrassing and made me realise that I could use more practise driving in the rain. Lesson learnt though! The stunt driving course sounds awesome and definitely sounds like such an adrenaline rush! I'd love to do something cool and completely out of my comfort zone like that one day.

    1. I definitely like I am sooo much more productive in summer than winter. I can come home from work in summer at 6pm, and still get so much done, and yet I come home now and it's basically dinner and then maybe some TV and then bed...I don't get it!

      Yes, definitely much easier to travel! Especially when those ridiculous flights come up on $9 to fly to Sydney/Melbourne. Amazing. And I am actually planning on doing a little road trip to Melbourne via Tasmania soon, just because I can! Haha. I want to see the Great Barrier Reef too. I've been as far as Green Island for snorkelling but I would love to go to like, the Whitsundays or wherever the amazing coral is! I've seen most of outback Australia and I loved it, but the reef is definitely something I would just diieeee looking at!

      YES, you need to do the defensive driving course. I cannot say it enough, it was just super handy. I'm a pretty good driver most of the time, as in, I don't ever get nervous, but driving in the wet makes me nervous and I've definitely put the skills I learnt to good use the past couple of rains here!

  2. Oh girl you have truly been missed! Welcome back! But sounds like you've had such a great time/jam packed life! A little bit jealous of all your traveling ahaha! But oh yes, as much as I adore Winter it is such a downer in terms of blogging! I also come home rather late during the week and it's so hard to take photos and plan posts when all you want to do is get in your pj's and into bed. I've also just recently started watching Game of Thrones and my god that's all I've been pretty much doing!
    Looking forward to more of your posts!

    Chantalle x

    1. Hahaha oh yes, got to love when you get completely sucked in by a TV show! I hope you're loving Game of Thrones! It's the best. And the worst, if you get me haha.


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