What's this, another music post? I can't heeeelp it. Sometimes you need a little break from the norm, and I'm really excited to tell you about a few new albums that have been on repeat lately!
I'm always scouting for new music, and I'm always finding something new and amazing, but the past month or two have seen some amazing albums being released (and there's so many more to come, let me tell you) and I thought I'd give you a little rundown of each.

Milky Chance - Sadnecessary

A German duo whose music Wiki describes as 'alternative pop folk rock', which is actually really quite spot on, to be honest. You have probably heard their single Stolen Dance which is so damn catchy, the combined efforts of a fantastic musician and a DJ cannot go wrong. For some reason, Australia only received their album last Friday, although the actual release date was October 2013, so I only just got my first chance to listen to the album and man, I thought Stolen Dance was good - the rest of the album completely blew me away! While Stolen Dance is a great, semi pop-y tune, I'd also check out the darker, slower Running and the folk-y esque Down By The River. Clemens Rehbein's voice is pure gold, almost similar in style to Anthony Followill from Kings Of Leon, except perhaps more gravely. What do you think?

Lana Del Ray - Ultraviolence

Bit of a surprising pick for me, as I wasn't a huge fan of her first two albums, but Ultraviolence really has a whole different feel about it. I first heard 'West Coast' as a fantastic remix done by Four Tet (which I included in my mix here) and later heard Shades Of Cool which I personally think should be the next James Bond song - don't you think? And those grungy guitars towards the end...be still my heart. I heard a fantastic quote about Lana the other day, and it was spot on. "Nobody romanticizes depression better than Lana.The cinematography in the film clip is also superb. My newest obsession is with Ultraviolence, a dreamy and slow song that I think really personifies her voice and style. Beautiful.

Glass Animals - Zaba

I was a bit slow to the Glass Animals bandwagon. 'Gooey' had come and gone and I somehow missed it. My first proper introduction to Glass Animals was long before 'Gooey' though, and it wasn't until I bought the album last week that I realised I already knew them. I had downloaded the single Black Mambo back in November 2013 and had a good few months of loving it to death. Then a few weeks ago I heard Pools and was basically like 'This is the coolest thing ever!' and aptly played that a thousand times in my car, singing at the top of my lungs. Finally then I downloaded Gooey, the song that oozes cool. I downloaded the entire album in an instant, and am thoroughly impressed by just how much I love every single song. It's incredibly rare that I will quite happily listen to an entire album on repeat, so this is quite a treat! If you're into trippy, dreamy music and peanut butter vibes, this is the album for you.

Band Of Skulls - Himalayan 

Released a few months back, I've still got this album on repeat. Fans of The Black Keys, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys etc, listen up. THIS BAND IS AWESOME! Grab your CD Player/Laptop/iPhone/iPod/Whatever, turn the volume up, and hit play on Himalayan, my absolute favourite on the album. Particularly around the 2:05 mark - I have done so many air drum/guitar solos in the car it's embarrassing. Afterwards, piss your neighbours off with Hoochie Coochie and don't tell me you don't sing the 'Hoochie Coochie' part like you're a total rockstar. Or is it just me? Lastly, if your neighbours/parents/siblings don't already hate you, finish off with Asleep At The Wheel, my rock anthem. So gooooood.

Enjoy kids, next post will be beauty related, I promise.


  1. Oh man, how freaking good is the Glass Animals album? I remember hearing Psylla on Faster Louder and it was instant love. Downloaded their EPs straight away and Gooey turned me into mush, it was just that insane. You're definitely right when you say it "oozes cool". "Ooze" is a very good word to describe their music! I heard they often play the music first and write the lyrics later so that it's fitting with the instrumentals. Isn't that cool? I forgot to mention, but watching your YouTube video made me remember that I listened to your playlist and I loved it! Particularly loved the Golden Features track, which I hadn't heard before, so I'll definitely look out for more tunes by them.


    1. That is totally cool! That is definitely something I would do haha - my tutors in uni would hate me because I always shot my photos first and thought of concepts later. You just have to do what comes to you naturally, and work out logistics later, I totally get that, and makes me like them more, haha!
      Oh yay! I'm glad you liked it! I have another playlist coming soon. I'm obsessed with Nicole Millar, who features on that track. Gorgeous voice. I wanted to put another one of her tracks in my video but held myself back, haha.


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