I've been wanting to try these new hair chalks from Fudge Urban ever since my hair went proper blonde. I liked the concept - instant, temporary colour that is pretty faff-free. They're on sale at Priceline at the moment so I thought I would grab both 'Festival Pink' and 'Iced White' and give it a go myself.

It's super easy to apply, you don't even need gloves or a brush. All I did was drape a towel around my shoulders incase of any excess powder falling. I gave my hair a quick brush through, and grabbed about an inch or two thickness of hair and started rubbing it on. It's pretty pigmented, I would do one run through with the chalk and rub it in with my fingers, and basically continue doing this until the colour was even throughout. To do all my ends, it took around ten minutes!
I bought the 'Iced White' colour thinking I would make the pink go a little lighter, but as my hair is still a fairly dark blonde, it didn't really make a huge difference, and I quite liked the colour the pink alone gave. I think the white chalk would only make a difference on quite light blonde hair.

It does say to fix it with hairspray to avoid the colour rubbing off on clothing, but I skipped this step as I needn't bother seeing as I will be washing my hair tonight. Apologies for the pretty gross hair - I was just really excited to see how these would work out!

My only let down is that there doesn't appear to be a lot of chalk within the pretty bulky packaging. For the price, I would expect a bit more product but otherwise I am pretty happy with the results! Obviously makes your hair feel a bit 'product-y' if you know what I mean, but that's to be expected. A great, temporary way to have found with your hair in my opinion!

Next up, blue and green! And purple! Okay, all of them. Thoughts?


  1. oh, the only reason I would dye my hair blonde would be so I could use these! I know its probably wishful thinking but I wish they would come up with something that would work on dark hair!


    1. When I was Google imaging these, there were quite a few pics of people with dark hair using them! Obviously the colour is not as bright, but they do still seem to work quite well! But I do agree, I wish there was something that would come out more vibrant on dark hair!


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