Exactly one month after #2, great blogging right there if you ask me...


Can't say anything spectacularly riveting has happened in the past month, to be honest. It's been a long month of soul searching, trip planning, trip cancelling, and custard scrolls from Baker's Delight (I've had way too many, somebody halp). I think I have decided that I am 99% sure I will be enrolling in makeup college for 2014, and it's been a really hard decision to make. Going back to study after years is tough, and especially when I have so many failed courses in my history, I really want to make sure I am making the right choice this time, and boy does it make my brain hurt! A part of me is a bit heartbroken at the idea of my income plummeting after I begin the course (it's full time, basically). No more impulse buying, welp.

My best buddy and I also spontaneously decided we were going to Canada, and spent an entire day and evening planning it and thinking it was going to be our Backpacking Adventures Of 2012 all over again, but sadly the plans fell through a week later when we realised our Contiki-esque tour and our Northern Lights tour did not match up date wise, unless we went in September, which I wish. I'm still a little heartbroken.

On the flip side, we are doing a little mini road trip to Melbourne in a couple of weeks! For months I've had itchy feet, but no funds to satisfy the itch, so I decided a little impromptu road trip was in order. My dad's got a car that needs to be driven from Sydney to Melbourne so it's perfect timing, and I've decided to drive the coastal route down and take it slowly, which means after completion, I will have travelled the entire south Australian coastline, all the way from Perth to Sydney! Quite the distance, and I'm proper excited. We were planning to spend a few days in Tasmania as well, but have decided to leave that till a little later in the year (when it's not Antarctica down there, basically).


So after hearing about it everywhere on the internet for so long, and with the season finale of my beloved Game Of Thrones (and Orphan Black, wahh) breaking my heart, I decided it was time to start watching True Detective. Best decision ever, I watched it over two nights and can't stop talking about it now! Absolutely amazing - the camera work, cinematography, acting, music, creepy plot line...it's all right up my alley. Brilliant TV show and I highly recommend it. Next up, Hannibal. Oh yeah, I cannot wait. 
Speaking of creepy thrillers, a co-worker suggested I might like the movie Prisoners because we were talking about my love for thrillers. I went home that night and watched it and wow, what an underrated movie! Very, very well written, I thought the characters were brilliant mysteries, and I did not see the end coming (always a good thing). It was also nominated for Best Cinematography at the Oscars and it's totally deserving, it was incredible to watch. If you're not into creepy murder mysteries, at least watch it for Jake Gyllenhaal. Stellar performance, but also, very cute.

On the makeup side of things, obviously I've been naughty this month. I finally took a little looksie at Inglot on the weekend, and maaay have picked up a few things while I was there. Their selection of eyeshadows and pigments is amazing. It's like a MAC counter but cheap and so far, I am thoroughly impressed with quality. More on that soon...

I've got a few blog posts up my sleeve for the next couple of weeks, which is rare. I'm a little intimidated by my own organisation skills, if I'm honest. Although, to be fair, I would have gotten a lot done this weekend if I didn't allow myself to be so unbelievably distracted - I should not let my couch be my office.
I had three days off and I basically went shopping and watched old movies like Easy A (ok not old, but gold. I rhymed, yeahh) and Blast From The Past (I forgot how hilarious this movie was, go watch it NOW if you haven't - Alicia Silverstone in all her 90's lip lining glory). Fun fact - after watching this movie for the first time yeaaaars ago, I only drank my Dr Pepper hot. Weirdo. 

See you in a few days. xx


  1. I think you should definitely enrol into makeup college! I think makeup is something you'd really love and be good at, plus is kind of satisfies your creative side in all aspects with photography and even Photoshop. When you're finished, you could put together a really awesome portfolio. You're definitely brave going back to school, especially after having been to uni and earned a full time wage - it's not an easy decision to make at all, but nothing good comes without risks and most of the time, it's worth it. I came home broke from Sydney last year (I did spend a lot of my savings on shopping though!), but I loved it. Could you apply for Centrelink so you still have spending money? Girl can't go without her shopping!

    A road trip to Melbourne would be so much fun! I really want to do the same. My friend is moving over to Victoria soon as her boyfriend is in the army now and she's driving there with her dog and offered for me to come along when I move too. Depending on how the job search goes, I just might do it because it'd be such an awesome experience and a totally different way of travelling for me. I've had the itch to travel for ages now too, which is why I came to Sydney this year and I can't wait to go overseas again! Two years is way too long not to travel overseas! It's a pretty short trip, but it's better than nothing.

    I feel like I've seen Blast From The Past, but I don't remember it really well, so it's going on the 'to download' list! You know me, I love my 90s movies... well, just anything to do with the 90s, really!


    1. It is scary, deciding to go back and study. I made a promise to myself on New Years Eve though that I wouldn't have a repeat of last year, where I accomplished nothing. It doesn't help, not knowing what you even want to do, but I knew a part of me was constantly pushing it in the back of my mind and not coming to terms with anything, so I really am trying to force myself out of my shell this year and actually do things. I started this blog, I changed up some things in my life that have been slowing me down, and now I'm hoping that my choice to study makeup is a solid one, and not another wasted course/year. I think that's what has made it so hard to decide - the fact I have attempted four courses since finishing highschool, so I really want to make this the last!
      As for Centrelink - ugh. I don't know, I'll have to see if I qualify. I dread it, but I may need it!

      If everything works out time wise for you - you should TOTALLY do the roadtrip! I don't think you can truly understand how beautiful Australia is until you see some of the things I saw on this drive. You can be blown away by so many places overseas, but we have our own gems here and not enough people make the time to really see it. Plus, this way would be a lot cooler than the way I did it, with my dad lol.

      Oh yes, watchhhh it! It's so cute and funny and lame. It's about a man who builds a fall out shelter incase of a nuclear bomb, and when an aeroplane crashes into their house, he escapes with his pregnant wife to the shelter and the doors lock for 35 years, which was his estimate for how long radiation would take to dimish. And they raise their son down there until he leaves at age 35 and it's the nineties, and it's totally foreign to him hahaha. Ringing a bell?


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