So, this happened today. I walked in expecting to maybe buy a candle, but somehow I ended up with a perfume instead (how I didn't walk out with both stumps me to this very minute).

I've been hearing about this perfume (cologne?) left, right and centre lately - as I'm sure you have too - and it sparked my interest. I've talked about my very specific taste in fragrances in my January Favourites where I reviewed the Escentric Molecules 01, my absolute favourite scent. I'm very picky with perfumes, and don't like the majority of perfumes you will find stocked in a department store. I am definitely into those woody, earth undertones and almost never like floral scents. So upon testing out the new fragrance (cologne - sorry) from Jo Malone called 'Wood Sage and Sea Salt', I immediately fell in love.

This perfume is right up my alley. Now, I wouldn't compare it to Escentric Molecules, but if that's your thing, then I would definitely make a bee line to your nearest Jo Malone boutique. The perfume (cologne, whatever) is composed of Ambrette Seed (I Googled this for you - warm and woody), Sea Salt and Sage, along with Red Algae and Grapefruit. Now, I am no perfume (cologne) connoisseur, but even little old me can pick out every single one of these notes.

It's not as heavy as the woody notes in Escentric Molecules, I believe the Sea Salt makes this scent slightly fresher and lighter. The Sage adds that hint of earthiness, while the Grapefruit gives this perfume just that little bit of a bite it needs. As for the Red Algae - I'm lost. I'll take your word for it, Jo Malone.

Overall, this scent is a lovely, fresh and woody addition to an already perfect lineup of amazing, hand crafted, boutique perfumes. I'm tempted to purchase the matching candle too, along with many others (Wild Fig and Cassis, I'm looking at you) .

As a little bonus, the lovely sales assistant popped a few samples into my (immaculately gift wrapped) box - a small sample of the Pomegranate Noir perfume, and a matching body cream. The little perfume sample is a beautiful thought - a tiny bottle! It wasn't until I got home that I discovered how amazing these two little bonuses were. I was expecting a fairly ordinary, fruity scent but had my mind blown when I tried the body cream after my shower. There are no words to describe this life changing moment. If this gives you a good idea - I have been smelling myself for the past hour. I smell delicious. I smell exotic. I smell money burning a hole through my purse, because I need this in full size like, yesterday. Thoughts on the perfume to come soon.

This was a lengthy review, but I am absolutely blown away by my new purchase. Not only was my experience in the Jo Malone boutique fantastic, but I've walked away one very happy customer.

Also, quite poor.

I purchased the 30ml for $90 - halp.


  1. ahh jo malone fragrances are so tempting and always smell so unique and simple. i don't have any myself and i have so many perfumes at the moment it'd be silly for me to buy any more, but maybe once i've used a few up i'll treat myself to a jo malone scent!

    little henry lee

    1. I definitely think you should treat yourself! I really do adore these more boutique type scents, they are so unique and different, I think it's a nice little investment :)

  2. I know I already said this on Twitter, but I absolutely loved this review! I was actually laughing the whole way through with the whole cologne thing and your little quip at the end about being poor, haha.

    There are so many fragrances I want to buy and it's actually getting ridiculous because I have so many and it's not like it's easy to use up bottles! When I first went to a Jo Malone counter, I was set on getting Blackberry & Bay, which I did eventually, but then I smelt Peony & Blush Suede at the beginning of the year, which STILL plays on my mind. Then there's Byredo, and I made the mistake of going into Mecca again, this time smelling the Diptyque perfumes, thus falling in love with Volutes. What is a girl to do?!

    Anyway, I love seeing your little #instahauls because I get so excited for other people's purchases just as much as my own. The first Jo Malone purchase is always an exciting one - mine was my Valentine's Day present to myself, haha. And hey, if you ever decide to buy another one, you can layer the colognes and then it's like you have three!

    Also, do you still like Marc Jacobs Daisy? I remember that was your favourite from the LJ days!

    1. Had to resist quoting Bridesmaids at the end. 'Help me, I'm poor!' cracks me up every.time.

      Blackberry & Bay is so pretty, I put the spray card in my bag so it smells nice in there! I quite liked the Peony & Blush as well, but prefer it on other people than myself. And I totally went into Mecca to smell the Byredo again and have now decided that instead, I want the Diptyque Philosykos perfume. Oh my God, it is the perfume version of the Fig candle. Need it, need it now.

      That is a spectacular Valentines Day gift to yourself - I encourage this. Sadly, I have no excuse. I love buying for myself, ALWAYS. Especially now that I smell amazing, I think it's money well spent :|


      And yes, I do, but not as much as I used to. I have the rollerball of Daisy but find myself steering away from sweet scents in my old age. It is such a classic scent though. Daisy Dream/s, I can't remember it's name exactly, is quite nice too!

    2. Also, I meant to say I love looking at what other people have bought too! I've bought a lot of things recently but haven't blogged about them, so maybe I will film just one giant haul video haha!

    3. I smelt Philosykos and I can't say I was a fan! I'm just not into the fig scents, but I definitely think you should get it. And a Byredo perfume. You work at Mecca and get discount, you have no excuse!

      Haha, I always buy presents to myself no matter day of the week it is! My birthday is at the end of the month, so obviously, I get to buy myself nice things for the entire month. #girllogic

      I smelt Daisy Dream, but I can't remember what it smelt like, so it obviously wasn't too memorable for me! I think I definitely prefer the original. To be honest, I'm getting bored of these variations of the same fragrance, although the bottles are all so gorgeous!

      YES. HAUL VIDEO. NOW. PLEASE. You haven't made a video in so long!

  3. Ahhh I really need to get to Jo Malone and check out their stuff. I love their packaging, it's so simple and elegant. I really want to smell their Blackberry and Bay perfume, as I'm missing something a little bit fresher/fruitier in my collection for the summertime. Yesterday after work I did walk around the Myer perfume department and I quite liked the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream as well. And then there's Escentric Molecules, of course, which I still need. Ha! I need more money.


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