Okay, so that is not one of my best photographs. It does basically encompass my life lately though - Gilmore Girls. Please, no judging.

I've lost my blogging mojo - more than usual. I have all the time in the world but I'm lacking inspiration, which kind of sucks! I also think my marathoning of Gilmore Girls is not helping - I think I've watched four whole seasons in a little over a week. Ugh, I know.


Nothing terribly exciting has happened really, but there's been a few little things. Firstly - I got my Invisalign off last week! I've had them on since December last year and it was really nice to finally get all my attachments off and see my new, straight teeth! I might do a little post on it, we'll see how I go. I've been given whitening to do as well so I might wait until my teeth look a little whiter - I have naturally very yellow teeth unfortunately. It's sooo nice to have straight front teeth though, it still feels weird running my tongue over them!

I also got my full license in the same week, which is awesome. I'm not going to go through the whole licensing process of NSW/Australia but essentially I've been driving on a provisional license for the past three years which has restrictions. It's what everyone goes through, and then after three years you do what feels like the millionth test ($$$) and you finally have your standard, full license. It now means I can drive the full speed limit (so I can do 110km on the freeway, yay I suppose?), drive any car I want, and I can have a few drinks if I choose to. None of those really affect me that much, but I can also now rent cars. You can't rent cars on a provisional license, not even overseas, and this has always annoyed me! So yeah - it's about 3-4 years too late, but I finally have my license!


So, as I've mentioned - Gilmore Girls. No, I don't have Netflix, but the news of it coming to Netflix made me remember how much I loved that show so I pulled out all my DVD's and have been watching it non-stop! I can't help it - it's my guilty pleasure. So many things annoy me about it, but at the same time, it's so addictive! I'm currently on season five and ploughing through so I know it's going to be over soon, and I'll be so lost without it! I'm actually thinking of re-watching Sex and the City though, I haven't watched that show in years!

Still on the topic of TV shows, is everyone else excited at a few shows finally coming back? I am totally addicted to American Horror Story: Freakshow. This series can never go wrong, and it's so gross and shocking and amazing. Although, I really do not get Kathy Bates accent - literally every time she talks it's all I can focus on! The internet tells me it's a Baltimore accent - is that true? It sounds kind of odd, like a mix between 3 or 4 different accents, haha!
I've also been watching the new Walking Dead season. I wasn't very impressed with the last season but I have a difficult time giving up on TV shows, so I found myself watching the first two episodes and being genuinely interested - it's back! I'm always on edge watching this show.

I'm hopefully seeing Gone Girl this weekend, too. I loved the book, so I'm really keen to see how the movie plays out! Not a huge Ben Affleck fan, but I hear his acting is superb in the movie so I guess that's all that really matters!
If anyone hasn't read Gone Girl, I highly suggest you do! And then go read Gillian Flynn's other books - Dark Places and Sharp Objects. I really loved Sharp Objects, possibly more than Gone Girl, and Dark Places has also been made into a movie! Not many people seem to be aware of it, I guess the promotion of Gone Girl has shadowed it, but I think it's due for release next year. It has an AMAZING cast in it, and such an intense and mysterious storyline, I can't wait!

Anyway, not a hugely long post from me this time. I have a few other blog posts lined up, finally and I really want to film a video soon too. I filmed a haul about a month ago but never uploaded it - I just wasn't happy with it and realised I've already talked about most things on here anyway so I'll try and think of a few extra video ideas instead!

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