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Good thing I liiiiike it!

I wanted to do a round up of everything else I loved last year - besides makeup and skincare (which is next, fyi). I feel like I'm more excited about these products than anything else, and it may have to do with the fact one of those things is Diptyque. Yup. So here you go, bits and bobs that made the cut for 2014.

BODY - It took me a long time, but I finally succumbed to fake tanning. Yes, I love being tanned, is that so wrong? I barely have time to make it to the beach these days so I decided it was time to invest in a solid, good quality fake tan and I landed on Bondi Sands. I told Google I didn't want to be orange, and this is what it gave me. The other upside? It smells like coconuts. Yes please!
Just recently, I also tried out Le Tan's Fast Tan which has just been reformulated so it has an 'olive' appearance, and I'm really pleasantly surprised! I know this tan used to have a very orange appearance, so it was really nice to see another affordable and natural looking fake tan on the market.

When I do get time to have some fun in the sun (ha ha), I have a seriously hard time choosing an SPF. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I hate sunscreen. I always have. As a consequence, I have sun damage on my face which is pretty well irreversible. So, I take it pretty seriously now, but I needed a sunscreen that I didn't hate, and this Neutrogena one is amazing. Okay, it's in a gimmicky spray can - I think it's kind of cool! No greasy, sandy hands...and it has a cooling effect when sprayed on. It also doesn't smell like sunscreen, which is my favourite part. Light, non greasy, and non whitening. Winner!

I love the beach, don't get me wrong, but I always look forward to the shower after. That salty feeling does not appeal to me (do you guys sense a theme occuring here...?). This is kind of an odd addition to this post but can I just sing my praises for the Korres Shower Gel in Fig? It's just your regular, somewhat natural shower gel but it just smells amazing. Very earthy, I feel like a hippie. It's a nice change from the usual sweetness of most shower gels!

Sorry, my lame summer esque theme ends here. Body moisturiser - I barely use it, ever. When I bought my Jo Malone perfume however, I got a sample of the Pomegranate Noir Body Cream and I am IN LOVE. So much so I sometimes put it on at night just so I can fall asleep smelling myself - I know. This is an amazing scent, and I'm quite sure wearing it in conjunction with the perfume would send me overboard. Oh yes, and it's good at moisturising too.

HAIR - A couple of old favourites, and one new. I can't not mention the amazing Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave In Conditioner. I've been using it for so long, and I'm convinced it's helped my poor, bleached hair look a little more...full of life. Even though the blonde has been toned down, my hair still needs a helping hand to restore itself, and this stuff is just genius. I love the entire Extreme range!

I've recently repurchased an oldie but a goodie - the Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish Texturising Spray. Don't get me wrong, I love my Oribe, but it's so hard to get it's painful. The Bumble option is just as fantastic, and still has a delicious smell. I have fine hair, but a lot of it, so I need a little help in the root department, and this stuff gives some serious grit and oomph when you need it to! I don't think I'll ever stop purchasing, let's be honest.

Another from Bumble & Bumble, I could not resist the new Hairdressers Invisible Oil Primer. Not does it smell so damn good, it does a damn good job at helping nourish my hair! It might seem a little silly adding two moisturising products to my hair but...it needs it. This also has UV and Heat Protectant in it which is so important - both for heat treated hair, and for coloured hair. It's like all in one, amazing!

FRAGRANCE - Definitely done some sneaky perfume purchasing in 2014. I can't help myself! I'm rubbish at talking about fragrances but let me just mention this - Diptyque and Jo Malone. I was lusting after Diptyque's 'Philosykos' for SO long, I just couldn't help myself one day. It's very similar to Diptyque's Figuier if that's familiar to you - very figgy, very woody and right up my alley. I find it quite a light, refreshing scent but it's definitely got some spicy notes so make your own mind up!

I had my heart set on Jo Malone's Wood Sage and Sea Salt perfume before I even smelt it. Just the name had me sold - is that any surprise? I honestly cannot describe this scent, it's really very unique. I blogged about it here if you would like to read more about it!
The lovely lady at the counter also gave me some generous samples of a scent she thought I might like, and she was so right. That's how I ended up with the Pomegranate Noir Body Cream and the Pomegranate Noir Perfume, in that cute, tiny little bottle! This perfume is just...amazing. It's very dark, very spicy, and I'm just in love with it. I feel like it's one of those perfumes you'll always smell on yourself too - you know how sometimes you can stop smelling your perfume after a while? Not this one! I absolutely need to buy the full size of this, my sample has nearly run out and I'm honestly not really sure what I'll do with myself. I know, the struggle.

What do you guys think? Bit of a random round up but I really love everything here to bits! Have you tried any of these products? Any new recommendations for me to try out?

Happy 2015! I already have a shopping list, damnit.

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