I can't really say I'm in a makeup rut right now - it's more like, I've discovered several items I just obsess over, for months. I wake up every morning and tell myself to 'use something different today' but I cannot - it was hard to narrow down just these five, but they're definite standouts for sure!

I'm not sure when I became a bronzer girl, it kind of just happened. I used to really only wear it on special occasions, when I did more formal makeup, but now it's a staple. All about that bronzed life, eh? I picked the Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer up on a whim - wasn't hugely into wearing bronzer at this stage, but thought it was a good alternative to the Nars Laguna I'd been wearing for years (but never quite got on with). Turns out we were meant for each other - it's the perfect glow, not too shimmery, no orange cast, easy to use. I've surprisingly received a lot of compliments wearing it, which shouldn't surprise me at all really considering most people have struggled for years finding a good bronzer, and Too Faced has the most perfect lineup for anyone!

There was so much hype before Too Faced's Born This Way came out. I had such high hopes for this foundation and I was not let down. This has become my new staple, and it was love right from the beginning. Serious heart eyes for this foundation, it's an incredibly flawless, medium-full coverage foundation that is neither matte nor dewy. I could describe this as satin maybe, the perfect in-between which makes it work on almost any skin type. It's infused with coconut water, so it's hydrating enough for a drier skin type, however used with a good primer, an oilier skin type should get along with it just fine (FYI I have no idea what my skin type is anymore so I feel like I am a chameleon right now, I can try everrrything!).

Speaking of primers, I finally get them, guys. Before I would use an illuminating primer, suuuure. Anything for that extra glow, right? I never saw the need for any other type of primer though, until my skin decided to go down the drier road, and I sought out any product that would mean my foundation would apply properly again (oh my God, nothing worse than applying foundation to dry skin, am I right?). I really like the Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer. It feels like a gel, so not only does it sink in really quickly, but it's not as heavy as I thought a hydrating primer would be. Whilst my skin has changed over this year, it's not exactly the driest it could be - I just needed that extra little something and this is perfect. Not to mention it has all the other great benefits of a primer, like making your makeup last just that little bit longer!

It's no surprise that a mascara has made it's way into the cut - I guess the only surprise here is that it's not my trusty old Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume (my old faithful). Nope, I think I've finally found a mascara that's...better. Stila's HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara is pretty self explanatory - it makes your lashes huge, basically. If you want a thick, volumising, long lasting, intense mascara then look no further. I recently had eyelash extensions and I did a sneaky coat of mascara one night and it looked like I had false lashes - mind you, the extensions were pretty natural, it was mostly the mascara. I'm a huge fan of Stila, it's hard for me to find a product of theirs that lets me down. This is probably not as long lasting as the Clinique, but it's a hell of a lot easier to remove, and I don't get the panda eyes I was getting with other mascaras, so it's a win in my book!

Lastly, a hair product, because being a Peroxide Regular I need all the help I can get. I'd been using the Redken Extreme Anti Snap Leave In Conditioner for ages, it's a great product but I just wanted to try something different, so I ordered the Evo Day Of Grace Leave In Conditioner and there are no regrets here. I have loved Evo since I first discovered them in '07, so I knew it wouldn't disappoint. Smells great (like a hair salon product, mmm), works a charm (my hair is so. soft lately)and doesn't weight your hair down. Done.

Has anyone tried any of these products? Or interested? What are your thoughts?

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