Okay, so I have a new beauty addiction (as if I needed another). It's called SNS (Signature Nail System) and I'm hooked.

I've always had dry, brittle nails that never grow, and my work means my nail polish never lasts. Not even shellac. It chips within days, and it's so frustrating. So a while ago, I got fed up with my nothing, boring nails and went to a salon to enquire about my options and I was told to try SNS, and I'm not going back.

Unlike other nail treatments like shellac and acrylic, SNS isn't harmful for your nails. It's even enriched with Vitamin E and Calcium to strengthen them! I've had SNS on my nails for about three months now (I get it changed every 2 weeks), and when they soak the old colour off, my nails are still pretty strong underneath, unlike when you remove acrylic and there's just about no nail left!

Could use a little cuticle oil, eh?

It's a funny process too - it's a dipping system, so you basically use a gel base coat, and dip each finger into the coloured powder, repeat a couple of times, and then seal it and add a top coat (no UV light required). It seems time consuming at the time, but when I think back to the acrylic days (I know, the shame) it is definitely quicker.

So, you get the benefits of shellac or acrylic (hardy, shiny, long lasting) without the crappy side effects, not to mention it's cheaper! It's a life saver for me, I've never had long nails before in my life and now I can finally have the nice nails I've always wanted! The above picture is the most recent - I actually cut my nails quite short as they grow so quickly now, by the time two weeks comes around they're a little too long for my liking.

The cons - there are some. Just like shellac (and acrylic, I guess) you do have to soak it off at a salon. For me, this is fine as I change my colour every two weeks, but if you didn't do it regularly it would be a pain in the ass to have to visit the salon just to remove them. You also cannot cut them yourself, as the product is very hard.
The thickness of the product took a while to get used to - it's thinner than shellac and acrylic, and more flexible, but really, it took some getting used to. Trying to pick at the end of sticky tape on the roll is not a fun game, but a small price to pay.

At the moment, you have a pretty large colour selection, however my only last con is that there could be more. It's got plenty of bold, bright, colourful and even glittery options, however I'd really like to see it's neutral and nude selection grow. I have no doubt it will, as it seems more and more people are converting to SNS!

Would you try it, or have you already? What do you think?

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