I am the first to admit I have a problem when it comes to highlighters - but who can blame me when they're so beautiful? I feel like my makeup isn't complete without highlighter, like I just don't feel like myself if my cheeks aren't catching the light - that's normal, right?

I have two firm favourites - Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in Discretion (bottom left) and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal (centre). Quite different from each other, as the Laura Mercier option is definitely a much more subtle option, and really gives you more of a luminous glow that, when paired with something like a tinted moisturiser or light weight dewy foundation, feels like you've just been on a holiday and you've just got that glow about you. The Becca on the other hand is like the absolute holy grail of highlighters -  like, it's there, don't worry about whether people will notice or not because I can assure you, they will.

The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector's are definitely on the pricy side though, and for those who prefer something a little more on the budget friendly side, the Balm Mary Lou Manizer is the absolute way to go. This was my favourite for YEARS, and I still love it to death. It's a little more on the golden side than Becca, but not quite a gold highlighter, and extremely flattering on most skin types. It's buttery and fine and leaves no trace of that glittery shimmer that some other highlighters tend to do, and for that reason, it's one of the best budget friendly highlighters I've ever tried.

Unpopular opinion - I am not fond of MAC's highlighters. When I first ever went to Sephora, I naturally had to pick up the Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, as back then it was the highlighter to have, but for some reason I never loved it. I heard it was reformulated, and the newer formula just wasn't as good, so it's possible I have the new formula as it's almost like the chunky glitter style of highlighter I dislike, and many people have noted that the old formula was not like this - can anyone confirm? It's a shame, because it looks incredible in the compact!
About a year ago, I also bought the Limited Edition Mineralise Skinfish in Perfect Topping, as one of my favourite makeup artists Ania Milczarczyk raved about it, so I just had to have it too. It's looks so pretty in the compact, and as a highlighter is is very nice, but just not enough for me. It definitely imparts a subtle glow, but you have to build with it a lot to get any effect so unfortunately it just wasn't for me.

I've got another handful sitting in my draw that aren't even photographed - liquid, cream and powder. I keep buying them! I'm obsessed! I'm always looking for new recommendations too, even though I don't need anymore. The addiction is real, guys.

What do you guys think? Have you used any of the above? Is there any that you recommend as well? I'd love to know!

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