Everyone has their favourites, that go to colour that you always reach for. Mine have always been nudes - I'm always searching for that 'perfect' colour, always trying something new. Here are some of my all time favourites!

MAC 'Shy Girl'

This is one of my all time favourites, it's such a great go-to as it's so easy to thrown on, you don't even need a mirror to apply! It's more of a peachy nude, and the formula is Cremesheen so it sits comfortably on the lips, not too drying but not too glossy either. I feel like peachy nudes fit my complexion better than pinks, and this is perfect without being too peach if you know what I mean!

MAC 'Pure Zen'

Okay, this is probably my favourite. It's a little pinkier than Shy Girl, actually, but perfect. I'm definitely all about that bronzed, summery life (and by life, I mean makeup - lol) and this is always the colour I reach for. Thank you, MAC. This is me. 

Hourglass Nude Stylo 'No 3'

If you're after a nude matte lipstick, I would highly recommend the Nude Stylo's from Hourglass. In my opinion, they're the only matte lipsticks I've tried that aren't totally drying on my lips. I also love their colour range - very peachy pinks, but they're not too pale, so there's a colour for almost anyone. I also love the packaging they come in, I just wish they always stayed pointed like that!

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope 'Star System'

The luxe packaging of this product is just a reflection of what's inside. A really creamy, but almost matte lipstick formula that sits comfortably on the lips, but is packed with pigment. I really nice, wearable nude, but I mostly just feel fancy pulling it out of my hand bag.

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick 'Tonkin'

This is a bit of a Kylie Jenner-esque colour - a very brown, muted nude that suits a softer, more glamourous type look. The formula is comfortable, but definitely matte - so a little on the drying side. I just really like this lipstick for when I do step up my makeup game a bit - a darker eye paired with a brown lip is the bees knees, you know what I'm saying? I also really like the skinny, old school packaging - I feel like it's straight out of the 90's!

I've also included MAC 'Myth' into this photo but let me just clarify before you start picturing 'concealer lips' - I like this as a base, I swear! Pop a nice lip gloss on top or another creamy lipstick and I swear it isn't so bad...so long as you don't have anything remotely considered a tan!

I have to admit, as much as I love skincare, I am pretty damn lazy about my own skincare regime, and unfortunately I don't use masks as often as I should. I know, what kind of beauty blogger am I...? Rubbish.

I do, however, adore Origins masks, and they have rescued me time and time again. Everyone always talks about them, and it's for a good reason - they're affordable, and they work. Easy to use, faff free, and for the most part, offers something for everyone.

The first mask I ever bought from Origins was the Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask - probably the most well known. I'm not really sure what made me buy this mask, as I bought it about three years ago when my skin was definitely leaning towards the oily side, not even remotely dry. To be quite honest, I think I bought it due to hype, and because it smells delicious (like peaches, no joke).

Fast forward to a year ago when suddenly my skin decided it was dry, like desert dry. I had just finished cleansing with a new gel cleanser I was trying (mistake) my face decided it was going to tighten to the point of being very uncomfortable and for the first time in my life I was fumbling through my stash of excess skincare looking for something - anything - that would relieve the tight feeling in my face. It sounds dramatic - it was. This mask felt like a breath of fresh air, and ever since it's been my go to after particularly long days stuck in heating, or intense air conditioning, windy weather or when I've yet again tried to wash my face with a overly stripping cleanser (will I ever learn?). It's amazing, and the fact that I don't have to remove anything makes it sooo much better!

My second foray into the Origins masks was the Out Of Trouble 10 Min Mask. Alongside the drier skin came the unexpected breakouts, and whilst I'm still learning what's causing them, I've discovered this is at least a great mask to keep them at bay, as well as reducing their face time. I believe the standout ingredient is Camphor, which is great at purifying and calming skin, and reducing any irritants that the breakouts bring to the surface. The mask also helps to reduce oil, banish bacteria and clear the skin of any dead skin cells. It's got a pretty strong smell - I think it's the Camphor? - but I really like it. It smells like something that works - if that makes sense. It's also quick to use and really refreshing!

The last is the most recent - the Original Skin mask. This is a clay mask that aims to refine the skins surface, so it's cleanses and purifies and leaves the skins surface feeling smooth and looking radiant and you know what? It actually does. There's a lot of masks out there that market similar effects but I'm not sure I've really tried anything that actually does. The first time I used this mask, my skin felt so soft and smooth and whilst I don't have large pores to begin with, I did notice that anything that I was slightly concerned with had basically disappeared. When I put my moisturiser on afterwards it felt like it glided on and seriously, the next morning, I even swear my skin looked brighter. This feels like a real Sunday Pamper type mask - it's not going to rescue anything, it just makes you feel good.

I think trying new masks is fun - there's so many others out there I need to try (The new Glam Glow Firming Treatment, yes please!). Have you used any Origins masks? Are there other masks that you absolutely love? I need recommendations!

Summer means different things to different people - typically, it's the coconut, sweet scents that remind people of beaches and the sun and sand between their toes, but for me, summer has and always will be the freshness that it brings. Fresh linen that's been drying in the sun all day, the earth after it's rained on a hot day, and the freshness in the air when you're by the ocean.

It's no surprise that I instantly fell in love with Diptyque's Philosykos. So you can't bottle the smell of air, they've done the next best thing and captured the freshness I still associate with one of the best summers of my life, in the Mediterranean. It immediately has a very strong fig + wood like scent, which is a combination I adore. This isn't a sweet scent, it's probably not going to be for everybody but for those of you who steer towards the woodier, almost unisex type scents, this might be more up your alley.

For me, it instantly brings back memories of walking along a boardwalk in Croatia, the waves crashing against the stone wall, and the ground was literally covered with fallen figs - I remember counting them all (impossible) and adding up in my head how much they were costing me back home (currently 2 for $3 yikes). It was unbelievable how frequently you'd see a fig tree, I'd never been so happier - they're one of my favourite fruits!

So, it's a bit of a nostalgic perfume for me, but also an all round beautiful scent, perfectly fitting for someone who prefers a fresher scent over sweet. It's up there with my Escentric Molecule 01, and layered they are perfection.

FYI, if you're a fan of Diptyque's Figuier candle, then this one is for you. They're almost the same!

Do you have a perfume that has a certain amount of nostalgia attached to it? Or what's your favourite perfume?

Guys, I know! A video - from me! I didn't see it coming either! I actually filmed this ages ago, while I still had time off work, but then life got in the way (my excuse for hating iMovie) and it sat on my computer for weeks as I put off the actual hard work. Sob.

 I wanted to film something really quick and simple - I was aiming for five minutes - I filmed thirty five but that's due to my fumbling around and need to film ev-er-y-thing. This is literally my everyday look - I love it. I'm really into burgundy eyeshadows at the moment, I feel like they are so quick and easy to apply and great for brown eyed gals like myself, so nice and warm and easy to work with. I have a plethora of different burgundy colours in my drawer but the colours from the Stila palette are so perfect - when I have a bit more time I use a rust colour in the crease and use a deep brown in the outer crease to deepen it up.

The rest is standard me - fill in my awful eyebrows as quickly as possible (it's my least favourite part of my routine because I have such awful brows!), loads of bronzer and mascara and a good swish of highlighter. Done, easy.

What are your go-to products, or what's your usual routine have to include? I'm genuinely interested, YouTube is flooded with glam makeup looks but nobody ever talks about the simple favourites!

If you haven't already, I would love if you subscribed to my channel - I am absolutely intent on making more videos, and uploading them more frequently than bi-yearly, so stay tuned.

I was really excited for the release of this foundation. I'm a big fan of Stila, and I always find their new product releases to be worth the hype. The Aqua Glow Serum Foundation was marketed as a medium coverage, hydrating and dewy foundation that imparted a glow to the skin and in case you weren't aware yet - I love the glow -heavy breathing-. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

My skin has definitely taken a big turn around the past year or two - I'm not really sure what it is anymore, but it's definitely dry for the first time ever, and so I thought this foundation was going to be perfect.

The first few days I was excited - it really does look amazing. Coverage is not great, but a little bit of concealer covers up wherever you need it (P.S There is a Aqua Glow Serum Concealer too and it does the job and then some) and it leaves a really natural, dewy complexion which is perfect for those days you want that summer bronze glow, or maybe for the mid-winter days we've got coming ahead (that's us Southern Hemisphere folks, of course) where you need every drop of healthy complexion you can get.

However, I did find eventually that this foundation maybe just isn't suited for my skin. Perhaps I was in the Honeymoon Period when I first purchased, or perhaps it was just good timing and my skin was drier than usual, but any subsequent applications after ended up with me looking like a rather shiny looking version of myself and no. Just no. Very sad.

Great For: Those with a paaarched skin, who perhaps have desk jobs that don't require them to lift a finger all day, and are partial to Dat Glow.

Not Great For: Anyone who has any trace of oil in their skin.

P.S I did try this with several primers and still no luck. Also this foundation states it's Fragrance Free but it has such a strong smell, I can't pin point what it is though!

I'm ticking off goals like there's no tomorrow - first stop, new blog design. What do you think? I had a free weekend two weeks ago and decided that I was just going to do it. I found a really great designer who made templates for Blogger at a reasonable price - The Basic Page - and I just dove right in and did it.

I really wanted to invest in something like this as I just don't feel like I'm as good as I maybe used to be when it came to this kind of thing - like, the website making thing. This isn't MySpace, and I don't have free time like I used to, so it was actually perfect, and so easy to do!

Not sure about the header, it's actually just text right now, but I do like the minimalism. I'll sit on it for a while, and see what I feel like doing with it!

I've also been finding inspiration everywhere lately - Tenneil from Like Neon Love mentioned the blog The Late Latte in her most recent post and upon checking it out I fell in love. It reminded me of what I loved about blogging, and it made me want to grab my camera and start snapping away. Such amazing imagery! So simple, but well written. Everybody should go check it out, I can't stop scrolling through her posts! (Also check Tenneil out just because - no regrets)

I seem to go in and out of using Pinterest but it still remains one of my favourite places for go-to inspiration. If anyone else uses it, let me know your profile in the comments because I feel like I need to follow more people! My Pinterest is here if you're interested!

So it's been a rainy, miserable weekend here in Sydney and my friend and I thought, what better time for a wine and cheese night? If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (username brodiejayyy) you would have seen my epic cheeseboard from last night - not going to lie, pretty impressed with myself. I can't say no to a bunch of antipasto and cheese - diet, what diet? We stayed in and watched Bridesmaids while the wind sounded like it was about to blow my roof off and it was glorious. Sometimes you just really need a night in!

The downside to this wild weather is that it completely wrote off any plans for blogging - I had so many things to photograph this weekend but I guess they will have to wait till next weekend! I hope you guys have been enjoying the past few posts though - please let me know if there's anything you would like to see! I did mention on my Twitter that I was debating whether or not to re-do my Top 5 posts for this year, would you guys be interested in seeing that again? My makeup is forever revolving, it's disgusting really. No shame.

For anyone on the East Coast, hunker down and don't drive anywhere anytime soon. For everyone else, I hope you had a lovely weekend!
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