Guys, I know! A video - from me! I didn't see it coming either! I actually filmed this ages ago, while I still had time off work, but then life got in the way (my excuse for hating iMovie) and it sat on my computer for weeks as I put off the actual hard work. Sob.

 I wanted to film something really quick and simple - I was aiming for five minutes - I filmed thirty five but that's due to my fumbling around and need to film ev-er-y-thing. This is literally my everyday look - I love it. I'm really into burgundy eyeshadows at the moment, I feel like they are so quick and easy to apply and great for brown eyed gals like myself, so nice and warm and easy to work with. I have a plethora of different burgundy colours in my drawer but the colours from the Stila palette are so perfect - when I have a bit more time I use a rust colour in the crease and use a deep brown in the outer crease to deepen it up.

The rest is standard me - fill in my awful eyebrows as quickly as possible (it's my least favourite part of my routine because I have such awful brows!), loads of bronzer and mascara and a good swish of highlighter. Done, easy.

What are your go-to products, or what's your usual routine have to include? I'm genuinely interested, YouTube is flooded with glam makeup looks but nobody ever talks about the simple favourites!

If you haven't already, I would love if you subscribed to my channel - I am absolutely intent on making more videos, and uploading them more frequently than bi-yearly, so stay tuned.

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