Everyone has their favourites, that go to colour that you always reach for. Mine have always been nudes - I'm always searching for that 'perfect' colour, always trying something new. Here are some of my all time favourites!

MAC 'Shy Girl'

This is one of my all time favourites, it's such a great go-to as it's so easy to thrown on, you don't even need a mirror to apply! It's more of a peachy nude, and the formula is Cremesheen so it sits comfortably on the lips, not too drying but not too glossy either. I feel like peachy nudes fit my complexion better than pinks, and this is perfect without being too peach if you know what I mean!

MAC 'Pure Zen'

Okay, this is probably my favourite. It's a little pinkier than Shy Girl, actually, but perfect. I'm definitely all about that bronzed, summery life (and by life, I mean makeup - lol) and this is always the colour I reach for. Thank you, MAC. This is me. 

Hourglass Nude Stylo 'No 3'

If you're after a nude matte lipstick, I would highly recommend the Nude Stylo's from Hourglass. In my opinion, they're the only matte lipsticks I've tried that aren't totally drying on my lips. I also love their colour range - very peachy pinks, but they're not too pale, so there's a colour for almost anyone. I also love the packaging they come in, I just wish they always stayed pointed like that!

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope 'Star System'

The luxe packaging of this product is just a reflection of what's inside. A really creamy, but almost matte lipstick formula that sits comfortably on the lips, but is packed with pigment. I really nice, wearable nude, but I mostly just feel fancy pulling it out of my hand bag.

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick 'Tonkin'

This is a bit of a Kylie Jenner-esque colour - a very brown, muted nude that suits a softer, more glamourous type look. The formula is comfortable, but definitely matte - so a little on the drying side. I just really like this lipstick for when I do step up my makeup game a bit - a darker eye paired with a brown lip is the bees knees, you know what I'm saying? I also really like the skinny, old school packaging - I feel like it's straight out of the 90's!

I've also included MAC 'Myth' into this photo but let me just clarify before you start picturing 'concealer lips' - I like this as a base, I swear! Pop a nice lip gloss on top or another creamy lipstick and I swear it isn't so bad...so long as you don't have anything remotely considered a tan!

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