I never thought I'd see the day I owned a brown lipstick. Brown-y nude, brown-y pink - yes. Not brown brown. Twenty year old me would have had a heart attack at the site of it in my collection.

MAC's Stone though...it's pretty cool, don't you think? It's not as dark or warm toned in my photos - it photographed dark despite the bright lighting. It's definitely a very grey toned, taupe colour and it's safe to say I love it.

I originally saw it on Linda Hallberg's blog - she absolutely rocked it and I decided I needed it in my life - ASAP. It was limited edition however, and everywhere around me had sold out. I was gutted - at the time, there were no dupes. Nothing. I weeped.
Online re-stocked though and I snapped it up and could not wait to try it on at home. It was love at first site, to be honest!

Is it the most wearable colour? No. It's pretty bold, actually, but for a night out where I feel like doing something a bit outside the square, it's perfect. The fact that it's quite neutral in tone means I also have a lot of freedom to do anything on my eyes, which I love. It's bold, but it's actually quite elegant, and once people get over the shock of an unusual lipstick shade, they tend to warm up to it quick. 

It was so popular it was made a part of the permanent collection which was great news - along with a matching lip liner! It was only recently I purchased the lip liner, on a bit of a whim, but I actually really like it!

I like wearing lip liners on their own sometimes, as it gives you that longer lasting colour that you sometimes need, but it also helps when you wear dark colours to have that little bit of cement underneath to hold it all together. So I was quite glad I got it - but I've also since realised that it's actually a great lip liner for...other colours.

Weird, I know, but if used lightly, this is actually a great colour to emphasis or define the outer edges of your lips, particularly if you are going for a more pink/peach nude. It's not reminiscent of the 90's over lined lip trend - don't worry. It's subtle, and actually really useful!

What do you think? Weird? Wonderful? I think these days the grey/brown toned lip colours are super on trend and I for one am surprisingly onboard. I love a good nude (ha) but every so often...you just want something a little different, right?

Let me know your thoughts!

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