If I haven't mentioned on here before, it was my goal (last year) to read more. I read a lot as a kid, and I always loved it, and I guess as an adult - in the digital world - that hobby slipped away to make room for others and for a long time, I barely read anything. I picked up a book after many years, and couldn't for the life of me understand why I didn't do it for so long. I love reading!

Nerd moment aside, I've been trying to get through the enormous amount of books I ordered last year and when I recently went and visited my mum, I thought it was a great time to catch up on a few. Naturally, I left them all at home (typical) and so I went to the bookshop to see if I could find something new to read and ended up getting The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins, after hearing a lot of good reviews about it. I ended up chatting to the lady who worked there about the book, which then turned into her recommending me the book Sister by Rosamund Lupton. I bought it on a whim, and read them both within a week!

The Girl On The Train was a good read for those who enjoy the crime/thriller/mystery genre. It is definitely reminiscent of Gone Girl  - actually, it reminded me a lot of Gone Girl in the sense that you dislike every character. For me, that doesn't put me off a book, but for others it was off putting. It kept me in suspense right from the beginning, and I honestly didn't see the end coming until it was, you know, there. 
The synopsis is typical - a woman goes missing, and police are unsure where to look for answers. The main character has only ever seen the woman out the window of a train that goes past on her way to work, but feels a pull to find out what happened. The problem? She's an alcoholic, so not the most reliable source. The story unwinds slowly, but the clues it drops throughout are huge and keep you turning page after page. I think it definitely deserves the hype!

Sister was a book I'd never heard of, but I love recommendations so I gave it a try and it was well worth it. The story is interesting in that it's penned in letter form - from one sister to another. Upon hearing this, I wasn't sure I'd be into that style of writing but it was actually very different to how I imagined and very readable. When she finds out her sister has died, Beatrice flies back home only to discover the death has been ruled a suicide, which she knows could absolutely not be true. Despite any evidence that says otherwise, and with everyone else given up around her, Beatrice is determined to find out who murdered her sister. I did not see the end coming, and my only annoyance with the writing is that she spent a lot of time focusing on the other suspects and for some reason, I felt that took up a lot more of the book than it should have. In saying that, the book was a little slow, but towards the end I was once again gripped and it was like the pages were flying by. A good read, overall.

Has anyone read any good books recently? I'm always up for recommendations!

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