I don't know how I went nearly two months without a post here - must have something to do with the fact the end of 2016 flew by in a blink of an eye! It felt like I had such a crazy end to the year, which I guess comes with the nature of working in retail during Christmas trade! I also seemed to come down with quite a lot of sickness, which is not like me at all, and it kind of bummed me out a little!

I still had a nice Christmas though - it was just my Dad and I this year and although I did miss the buzz of having Christmas morning with all my family and my young nieces and nephews tearing through the presents under the tree, I have to admit it was nice to just chill out, eat some good food, and not have to worry about driving anywhere!
I am a HUGE Christmas person, I just love everything about it, and whilst it did feel very quiet around here (literally my blog AND my house) I just have to remember I have plenty more ahead of me!

And just like that, we welcomed 2017 and I really, genuinely felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I didn't particularly enjoy 2017 - I don't think I came close to achieving any of my 2016 goals, and that upset me probably a lot more than it should have! I feel like I have yet another fresh start, and I'm starting to realise (after 27 years of living - yes, I just turned 27 ughhhh) that I really need to face things with a lot more positivity, rather than hammering myself over and over again for 'failing'.

There's a lot of these posts floating around, because we all love a good cliche post, right? I like it though, it's good for me to write it all down and have it there as a record, and I'm not going to lie - I love having at look at everyone else's to see what everybody else has decided to work towards in the new year! I've rambled on enough though, so here are my goals and resolutions for 2017!


Last year I was determined to lose weight and decided that 2016 was the last year I was going to spend being unhappy with myself, physically and mentally. Unfortunately, I had quite a few road barriers that led to me being unable to even remotely get near completing this goal and it definitely had me feeling pretty disappointed. So this year, it has to be the absolute last year. I'm actually getting sick of hearing myself say it!


I'm starting to become a little bit addicted to making Youtube videos, and it's something I really want to focus on this year. I just love coming home from work and watching videos while I cook dinner, or when I get ready in the morning. I find it relaxing and enjoyable and so easy to watch, but I definitely still feel like there is SUCH a hole in the 'market' here in Australia. I would say I watch almost exclusively UK vloggers only, as I love their style and personalities and lifestyles, however the vloggers we have here in Australia are just not the same. I absolutely respect them for what they do - some are incredible makeup artists, it's just not my style and I wish we had some more relaxed Youtubers here in Oz! That's what got me started in the first place, and I really hope that people are enjoying what I put out! I'm still learning, but I'm loving the experience so far!


I have no problems admitting I stumbled across some financial problems in 2016 - I made a few mistakes and I have certainly been paying for them. To put it simply, I've put myself in a bit of debt and it's more than depressing. It's quite selfish - I just miss being able to buy a few treats every so often, and not feel guilty about it. I miss saving money...and going on amazing overseas trips. I miss having savings, full stop! I don't regret having a credit card - I do find it quite annoying when people boast about never having one and never being in debt blah blah blah. Good for you, but I love my credit card, and I'm sure the banks love me ha ha ha. I've done some amazing things the past two years like go on overseas trips and I bought myself a brand new car, but I really need to buckle down and just get it all paid off. Having it hang over your head is awful! I could possibly be making a move to Melbourne in the future, and I am really going to need some savings to purchase things like furniture and appliances!


This is all sort of depending on what happens with my job this year, but it's always been my DREAM to have a white Christmas. I blame Home Alone 2 for making it all look so pretty. As I work in retail, there is absolutely no way I can take time off at Christmas. However, this year might be the year I do something drastic and finally fulfill my dream! Of course, I'll need those savings to allow me to do this...and you know, I'd have to quit my job. We shall see what happens though - I'm thinking Sweden AND New York?! Crazy, I know.


I am definitely inspired by Tamira at The Guilty Girl with her 'Things To Do' posts. I love that when she goes places, she notes down all the nice little things to see there, what to do, what to buy and most importantly...what to eat! So interesting! I'm going to try and do something similar myself, as I do go out to eat fairly often already...but I would love to make it a more solid thing, and expand it to places to visit too! I also don't get my camera out enough, or even reach for my iPhone that much. I used to take so many photos and now I feel like I barely do! I feel like this is something I would definitely love to work on this year as a little regular feature on here!

So, some pretty big goals there, but I feel like there's a good mix of 'challenging' and '100% doable' so I've got no excuses to feel productive and inspired this year! I like a good mix of big and small resolutions, so you at least feel like you can achieve something, and that keeps you going!

What about you guys, have you got anything you're going to work towards in 2017? Tell me everything. 

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