As someone who grew up in the photo business, I have a disappointing amount of printed photos from the past ten years. Having always had regular (and free!) access to film printing, our family took photo taking seriously and there was an album to pull out for any occasion. When the digital age took the world by storm and we had instant access to our photos on our computers or our phones, it seemed photo printing took a backseat and all these years later, it's almost nonexistent.

I'm a huge fan of social media for sharing photos with our friends and family, but I still feel like we're missing something so important. For me, it's all so temporary - fleeting moments, forgotten minutes later. I can't help but feel nostalgic for the old days, and while I'm okay with not being sat down to an entire family album at your boyfriends mum's house, I wonder how different things will be when we're older. Will we be showing our grandkids photos of our own childhood on phones? Will our own histories even be recorded? With the way technology moves these days, it's kind of worrying to think where everything will end up in the future.

It's a bit of a touchy subject for me I guess, having literally spent half my childhood in a photo lab, and having also studied Photography at uni myself. The realisation that I couldn't remember the last time I printed a photo dawned on me when I received an e-mail from Printiki asking if I'd like to try their service. I literally couldn't even think of the last thing I printed. So naturally, I said yes!

I went for the Polaroid style because hey, who doesn't love a good polaroid? I loved how easy it was to choose my photos - most I imported directly from my Instagram account or Facebook. I didn't realise how many good moments I had stored on there, I had so many overseas trips I hadn't looked at in ages!
It was delivered straight to my doorstep within a week and I'm really impressed with how they turned out. I haven't decided what to do with my prints yet, I've been looking at the Printiki Instagram for inspiration. I've already stuck a few on my fridge, which has made me insanely happy every time I see my friends faces grinning at me when I go for the milk. I also stuck one of my friend and I in her birthday card last week, which I think is a super cute idea if you aren't able to send them a gift.

I love that Printiki offer a service that's still fun and relevant, but is continuing our age old tradition of photo printing. It's important, and I'm not ready for printed photos to be a thing of the past. I don't know what I would do if the 'cloud' crashed, whatever that is! Losing all my photos is one of my biggest fears!
Definitely check them out if you get a chance, I think it's a super cute idea! Would you use this service, and what would you do with your prints?

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