Warm toned eyeshadows.

Need I say more?

It's no secret I love them, I think I talk about them on a daily basis at work, I think I might even dream of them a little bit (obsessed, much?). If I see one single warm colour in a palette that I love, I will buy that palette at any cost just to own that little piece of heaven. Ridiculous!

I can't pick a favourite (maybe I can, if you pay me) but my little Z Palette with 9 Makeup Geek shades I chose myself is definitely a huge go-to in the mornings. Naturally, being that I chose them myself, I love every single shade. I definitely go towards browns, rust, plum and peach shades, with a hint of gold. Perfection! I really need to invest in more, and if you haven't tried them yet and are thinking of adding to your collection, I HIGHLY recommend Makeup Geek. The quality is worth the hype.

Don't even get me started on the Stila Eyes Are The Window palettes - I've definitely called them out as being some of the best on the market before, and I still stand by that. Stila is probably my all time favourite makeup brand, and I just love everything they do.
The Eyes Are The Window To The Mind palette is well loved. See those bottom two right shades with the big dents in them? Not shockingly, my favourite in the whole palette. I love this palette though, because you really can get a huge amount of different looks out of it, whether it be soft and fluttery or grungey 90's heroin chic.

While I am definitely a big fan of palettes, over the years I've collected a couple of single eyeshadows from here and there. Every so often, I pull them out of the cracks of my makeup drawer where they've fallen and completely fall back in love.

I think it started with MAC Uninterrupted, that perfect, mustard-y little circle of goodness. I'm not sure what it is about making your eyes look like you haven't slept (on purpose) but I'm totally into it. Bit of smudged black eyeliner? Done.

If you like those rusty brown colours but don't want to go head over heels into a full on pigment, MAC's 'Texture' might be a good go-to. It's soft, but warm and can be built up quite easily. It also makes for a good crease colour!
That top right one, the burgundy shade, is Stila's 'Twig'. I was looking for a metallic plum/burgundy shade for ages and realised this one was right in front of me. This is such a gorgeous colour all over the lid, and I love that it compliments brown eyes!

Whilst I'm not a glitzy makeup kind of gal, I can't help but fall for anything gold. I can't resist it! I was gifted this Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow in #5 Gold Blitz for Christmas about a year ago and it's just...so pretty. I'm always torn between wanting to look like a glittery mermaid or just messing it up and throwing some black in for a more rock n' roll type vibe. Seriously intense pigment, by the way.

I can't not mention the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. Everyone and their mother knows this palette, and it's been a cult favourite for a reason. It's got quite an eclectic variety of colours in it, but I have such a soft spot for a certain few. This was one of the first palettes I ever purchased, and I still love it so much to this day. So, so many looks still to create from just using this one palette!

I also couldn't help but include two cheeky MAC eyeshadow pans - Coppering and Embark. Naturally, of course. I think these were actually the first warm toned eyeshadows I ever bought! Classics, in every sense of the word.

The addiction is real, and I already have more eyeshadows in line to be purchased - yikes. Some would say I don't need anymore but I totally disagree - you always need more!

What are your favourite eyeshadows to wear? I always wish I could pull off green but I always struggle!

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