I can't believe not that long ago, I didn't own perfume. I mean, Calvin Klein's 'In2U' definitely made an appearance for a while but I don't think I was really that into it. I went through a phase when I was about 18 of liking really sweet scents which is quite funny because now that is not me at all. Why is it that our taste in scents evolves the older we get? Gone are the days of the Spice Girls ~Body Spray~, hello to sexy fragrances like Byredo's Super Cedar.

It wasn't till my mid twenties that I truly discovered the scents I love - earthy, woody and fresh. Cedarwood is a note that comes up frequently in perfumes I've loved to wear, a common base note for most unisex type scents. When Super Cedar came out around a year ago, I instantly had to check it out as it sounded exactly like something I would love.

Somehow, it took me a whole year to actually purchase it, which bothers me looking back now, ha! I think the scent is just so unusual, and so different that it kind of surprised me at first and made me wonder if it was me or not. It's very woody - as you would expect - but I guess the other word to describe it would be peppery? Spicy? I wasn't sure if I was into that at first, but after months of testing it again and again I finally decided that actually, I loved it. 

There's something about this scent that is just so warm, but fresh at the same time. I've been wearing it literally every single day, and I've had so many compliments from people asking what I was wearing. Byredo have always succeeded in making the best, and most unique scents around and this has very quickly become my absolute favourite. My favourite way to wear it is actually layered with Escentric Molecules 'Molecule 01' as it accentuates any fragrance layered on top of it. It also happens to be my other favourite scent and wearing them together makes me so happy!

What's your signature scent, if you have one?

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