Alpha H has always been a brand I've wanted to try. It's been making the rounds on beauty blogs since beauty blogs existed! It's best seller, Liquid Gold, promises to be exactly what the name says, and from the way everyone raves about it, I was sold.

I'd always promised myself that I would finish up my other skincare bits before I indulged in something new, but when Facial Co. contacted me and asked whether I would like to try some of the products from the Alpha H range, obviously I jumped at the chance. Who wouldn't?!

Liquid Gold

First up, I couldn't wait to get my hands on cult favourite, Liquid Gold. It came at a good time - my skin was in need of some attention by way of exfoliation. I had been a bit slack for a few months with my skincare and it was beginning to show - larger than normal pores on my nose, along with a bit of a blackhead situation, dull complexion, and a few breakouts (which I don't normally get). Liquid Gold is a straight up glycolic acid toner, everyones favourite AHA.

My thoughts: Love that it's as easy as wetting a cotton pad and applying after cleanser. Much prefer that to applying thicker serums, and I love that it dries quickly. I also love that it's practically scent-less as you know I can't stand most scented skincare!
As with any skincare, I used it for around 4-6 weeks to make sure I really got to grips with the product and was able to see results. After about a months use, I am happy to report that I was extremely pleased with the results. Skin was smoother, tighter and brighter which are results a good quality glycolic acid product should produce.

With glycolic acid being the third ingredient listed, I'm not at all surprised at its effectiveness and I think it's really good value, too. Facial Co. currently have it on special for $47.96 which I think is a steal for what you get, compared to many other popular exfoliating products.

Gold Luxe Resurfacing Body Cloths

The other Alpha H product that caught my eye was the Gold Luxe Resurfacing Body Cloths. Essentially just wipes containing glycolic acid, I wondered if this would be a product that would help minimise the keratosis pilaris I have on my arms, as nothing else I had tried had helped at all.

Again, glycolic acid is featured high up on the list of ingredients - second ingredient this time. It aims to help smooth and even out skin, just as you would want on your face however this is quite beneficial for anyone who might get ingrown hairs perhaps, as it's going to help exfoliate the hair follicles. It also mentions it can be used as a tan prep, or to remove excess old tan, however I personally think this would be quite an expensive method to do this (but go ahead if it's up your alley!).

My thoughts: Well, they work! I honestly didn't expect much, I just assumed it would make my skin feel a bit smoother than usual, but the bumps on my arms definitely reduced! I admit, I was a little lazy (as one tends to be in the winter months, who's with me?) and the results probably could have been better if I had used them more frequently but I was pretty satisfied with what I saw regardless!

Essential Hydration Cream

Lastly, I was also sent the Essential Hydration Cream which I was excited to try. This sounded like a good, all rounder moisturiser and I was in the market for a new one so I was pretty eager to give it a go. It markets itself as being hydrating but lightweight, and calming. It also contains peppermint, which is good at keeping breakouts at bay.

My thoughts: Firstly, didn't love the fact that dimethicone was the second ingredient. I don't personally have anything against dimethicone itself, but to have it listed as a second ingredient was a bit off putting. None the less, it made for a great moisturiser, overall. To be honest, it did feel so lovely and smooth to apply, which was really nice at the end of the day. Obviously if you have issues with dimethicone, you're not going to love it (obviously) but I didn't feel like it bothered my skin at all.

My skin has definitely been on the dry side lately, erring on side of normal though, but I found this moisturiser to be just ever so lacking in the hydration department for MY skin. If you had normal/normal-combo/oily I think this would be PERFECT. It honestly was just a nice moisturiser, what more is there to say? If you want something lightweight to sit under makeup, this is your guy. The scent put me off a little, but not enough to stop using it. I think it's just the peppermint - I am weird and don't like minty smelling things. For everyone else, it's quite fresh and light, and would be nice to calm irritated skin.

My first foray into Alpha H has definitely been successful, and I know I would 100% repurchase when I've run out. I love supporting Australian companies like Alpha H, and I also love that it's Caroline Hirons approved - because that's what we're all wondering, right?

I might have been super late to this party, but better late than never! Thanks to Facial Co. for sending me these goodies. I'm sitting here right now seriously considering adding a Cloud Nine to my cart even though I'm broke - online shopping addiction is real. Send help.
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