I didn't realise until I was about to start writing this post that this will be my 100th blog post! I always miss milestones so it was kinda nice to see that number and have a moment where I could reflect on it. I don't think it's as ~cool~ as a year type milestone but considering how little I blog, it was a nice little moment I had there, ha!

I thought it'd be kinda nice to just do one of these quick little catch up posts, as I hadn't done one in a while. I haven't had a busy couple of months, but it's always nice to check in once in a while, right?

WATCH: Alright, I might not have been 'very busy' lately because I've been binging on Netflix, a lot. I've also recently signed up to Foxtel Now which is Foxtel's streaming service (like Netflix), which has given me access to a lot of shows they air on Showcase, a channel I don't have. Showcase are responsible for airing the big HBO shows (like Game Of Thrones) but they've also aired other really great shows like Top Of The Lake and Mr Robot. 

Top Of The Lake is a NZ tv show I was recommended years ago because it was shot beautifully, and has that really mysterious feel about it which I love. I never had access to watch it, but now that I do I watched it all in one weekend. The locations used in the show are breathtaking, but also lend to the mysterious tone the show sets. The premise is a young, pregnant girl goes missing from a small town and a local detective (played by Elizabeth Moss from The Handmaids Tale) unravels small town secrets as she investigates the case. It's not a new plot, but it still kept me guessing the whole time. Highly recommend if you love a darker, mysterious crime thriller (with beautiful filming).
The new season is filmed on Bondi Beach, here in Sydney and while we're only a couple of episodes in, I'm loving it, too!

Mr Robot is a show I've only just started watching, but I'm already hooked. Another recommendation, this one is another dark, mysterious thriller but this time it's more tech themed, involving cyber security and hackers and corporate secrets. I'm not gonna lie - I mostly started this because of Rami Malek (can you blame me?) but the show is seriously addictive stuff, and the music makes me feel like I'm watching an intense thriller film each episode. I can't wait to see what happens throughout the rest of the season!

I'm also going to mention the show Outlander (Seasons 1 + 2 on Netflix and 3 on Foxtel, thanks Australia you weirdo) even though I literally just started it this morning (on episode six already, whaaat). I heard multiple people talk about it, in the space of a short time, so I just decided why not start it today? Oh man, I am sooo hooked. I think it's 100% the Scottish accents but also...Jamie. If you watch it, you get it. I am ALL about Scottish romance (Gerard Butler, hello) and whilst I'm not normally into period type things, I am totally okay so far with it being set in the 1700's!

I also started the new season of Twin Peaks but I stopped after two episodes and I'm not sure I want to continue. I'm a big fan of the first two seasons, but this third one feels really weird. Like, way weirder than the original two, and I actually am not enjoying it that much. Has anyone else felt the same?

LISTEN: I have to admit, I'm going through a massive music slump right now. Which is so weird, because I've just started a new job where I'm now pretty exposed to music all day everyday, but I'm finding it harder and harder to find something to listen to! Sometimes I feel like I just need to sit in Spotify for a few hours and dig round until I round up a decent playlist, but I just haven't felt the motivation lately.

Instead, I've just been pulling up my old favourites. Actually, a friend and I just recently attended a party where they played all 2000's indie, which we LOVED when we were in uni. It was so good, we decided to make a collaborative playlist and make our own 2000's indie dance party, ha ha! It's honestly the best playlist. I think 2004-2010 was an exceptional time for music, particularly indie. I had totally forgot about The Kills - I loved them!


  • I've been super into buying shoes the past year or two, which is really funny because a few years ago, I owned like...three pairs of shoes. Now I have like, 20ish. No space for them, either - how the hell do you store shoes?! Anyway, I just recently got these boots from The Iconic and I kind of love them. I wasn't sure about the pointy toe at first but I've warmed up to them. I also just got a pair of sneakers on Boohoo that are so tacky but I love them. They're not available anymore but they're black faux leather with a silver toe and embellishments on the toe - I'm kind of in love with how tacky that is, haha! Also, can someone stop me from buying these??
  • I just picked up the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette recently, after saying I didn't need another UD palette (I own almost all of them, and use none of them lol). I couldn't resist it, and it's SO GOOD. I've been using it every single day, I'm just loving it. It's so rare that I love almost every single colour in a palette, but so far I am loving almost all of it! Yes, there is fall out but I guess that's the payoff for seriously good pigment. Highly recommend if you're into your warm toned eyeshadows.
  • I want to freshen up my blog a bit as it's feeling a little stale. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do, but I do feel like a bit of a change up might kick in some inspiration, maybe? It's been a struggle lately, but I want to do something nice for this little piece of me! It might not be for a while, but it's certainly on my mind.
  • This will be the first year I will be able to celebrate Christmas properly (with time off and everything, wow!) and I am SO EXCITED ALREADY! I might not have a place to live by then which is not great, but I am just excited to NOT be in retail at Christmas and not have it ruined by shopping centres. Also, I am really excited to see what Tanya Burr's new book will be like - I am such a sucker for anything Christmas related (and it's like a month and a half till Mecca releases their Christmas stuff, which I can't wait for!).
  • Looking at my top photo just made me realise how filthy my laptop screen is - ugh lol. Tonight's task, I can't wait. 

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